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BeZilla.org online

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Posted by:Ryan on Wednesday, 21 Nov, 2001 @ 2:19 PM

Just heard that bezilla.org has come online. It is a rather ambitious site maintained by arougthopher, which according to rumor is another name for “Paul”, who is a prominent BeZilla community member. It looks like the place to go for BeZilla news, questions, and downloads. Good luck to arougthopher in his quest to keep bezilla alive and kicking. I think we all should support this effort, because a modern browser is the #1 thing BeOS will need to live on. And BeZilla can answer that need.

Shareholders approve Palm Sale and Be’s Dissolution

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Posted by:Ryan on Tuesday, 13 Nov, 2001 @ 7:05 PM
Be Inc

Well, shareholders voted yesterday to disolve Be, Inc. and sell all of its IP to Palm, Inc. While some belive this marks the end of BeOS (which it likely does, considering Be, Inc. likely won’t exist in 2 months), BeUnited believes this could be the beginning of a new era in the life of the OS. (Disclaimer: I am a core member of the BeUnited Co-Operative)

BeUnited has already been in touch with Palm and has been waiting for the shareholder vote to begin the negotiations for the OS. They hope to license the source from Palm, and continue it’s development… rapidly updating the OS to modern hardware standards, as well as fixing core OS issues and expanding the rest of the already superior OS base. And people outside the community have noticed.

Meanwhile, JLG and the remaining few at Be, Inc. are looking into the possiblity of a lawsuit against Microsoft, according to a transcript of the recent shareholder conference call.

To end on an up note (as if suing Microsoft isnt fun enough), it seems that none of this turmoil has deterred Jason Vandermark, formerly of BeOSCentral. He just launched a brand new, and quite nice, BeOS Community news site… TotallyBe.

BeOS’s new home in peril

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Posted by:Ryan on Friday, 09 Nov, 2001 @ 4:52 PM
Be Inc

It seems that Be’s new home may be made of straw. Palm’s CEO has resigned as of Thursday night. This leaves what some view as a sinking ship drifting helplessly, while BeOS is tied to the mast wondering what will happen. Cheesy metaphors aside, this aint good folks.

Meanwhile, reports are eeking out that Nov.27th will bring lay offs of 300 to 400 Palm employees. This has not been confirmed, but seems reliable. Hopefully the newly migrated Be engineers will survive the cut.

Meanwhile, Monday brings the vote on the future of Be’s assets. That will seal the fate of BeOS one way or another.. ripped apart by creditors, or lost in the palm whirlwind. Neither seems all that great.. but things have been known to survive whirlwinds.

So where does this leave the BeUnited movement to license the OS from Palm? Exactly where it was before. When/If the deal goes through (VOTE YES!), BeUnited will contact the new owners (Palm) and attempt to reach a licensing agreement with them regarding the BeOS source. If that licensing agreement fails, BeUnited has backup plans for saving the OS, but would like to attempt licensing the real source first, as it will ensure the quickest and most reliable release of the next BeOS.

Hold on tight folks.. things are getting crazy.

Microsoft / DOJ Settlement

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Posted by:Ryan on Friday, 02 Nov, 2001 @ 6:57 PM
Submitted News

Ok. So the DOJ and Microsoft seem to have reached a tenative agreement. While I am not about to say that its anywhere near as much as microsoft deserves (they are already guilty, so why do they get off so easy?), there is one interesting point. Actually, its the first one.

A. Microsoft shall not retaliate against an OEM by altering Microsoft’s commercial relations with that OEM, or by withholding newly introduced forms of non-monetary Consideration (including but not limited to new versions of existing forms of non-monetary Consideration) from that OEM, because it is known to Microsoft that the OEM is or is contemplating:

1. developing, distributing, promoting, using, selling, or licensing any software that competes with Microsoft Platform Software or any product or service that distributes or promotes any Non-Microsoft Middleware;

2. shipping a Personal Computer that (a) includes both a Windows Operating System Product and a non-Microsoft Operating System, or (b) will boot with more than one Operating System; or

3. exercising any of the options or alternatives provided for under this Final Judgment.

In otherwords, the bootloader license that microsoft uses to stop alternative operating systems from being bundled by OEMS is as good as dead, assuming there isnt a hidden loophole soemwhere else in the agreement. This is /great/ news for the alternative OS community, although it does not help alleviate any of the other monopolistic issues (bundling, etc). The word is that the states are not planning on signing the agreement, and may continue the case without the DOJ. This would mean that not only does Microsoft have to follow this agreement, but they also become subject to whatever punishment is given to them by the trial with the 17 various states. So cheer up.. it may turn out ok after all. :)

BlueOS Interview

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Posted by:Deej on Thursday, 25 Oct, 2001 @ 6:13 PM

First she interviewed Michael Phipps of OpenBeOS, now Eugenia has posted an interview with Guillaume Maillard, member of the BlueOS Team. Head over to OSNews to get the scoop on this attempt to recreate BeOS in the opensource community.

While many think that the BeOS community is fragmenting with all these different efforts, this article is just another sign that we are all working together towards the same goals - we are all on the same mailing lists sharing ideas, and even swapping code amongst the projects. BlueOS, OpenBeOS and BeUnited’s initiative are all just different paths to get to the same goal… saving BeOS.

BeOS Radio changes addresses

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Posted by:Deej on Thursday, 25 Oct, 2001 @ 1:22 AM

BeFAQs has word up that BeOS Radio was down for a little bit, and has now changed addresses for it’s streams. So if you want to listen to BeOS Radio, be sure to head over to the page on BeFAQs to get the new addy’s for the streams.

OpenBeOS Interview

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Posted by:Ryan on Tuesday, 23 Oct, 2001 @ 9:23 PM

Just a quick note to point out that OSNews is running an interview with Michael Phipps, a key player in the OpenBeOS project. Its pretty interesting, and paints a pretty positive picture of OpenBeOS. I sure hope they succeed.. the determination they paint in the interview means they could challenge established players such as linux much quicker than most expect. That said, it remains to be seen if it will play out that way. I hope it will, and wish them luck.

[UPDATE] Just wanted to add a quick note that Slashdot picked up on the interview at OSNews. –Deej

Wired finally

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Posted by:Deej on Monday, 22 Oct, 2001 @ 11:08 AM
Submitted News

Wired has a new article up about an old topic to Be’ers - Finalscratch. No mention is made as to which OS it runs on, but I personally have some serious doubts that it’s BeOS anymore. Someone please prove me wrong. :)

[Update: by nutcase] Hey there.. looks like someone proved Deej wrong. Mark-Jan Bastian, the lead Finalscratch developer, emailed us the following:

As the main developer of FinalScratch, I can confirm that the ProFS version that is used by Richie Hawtin and John Acquaviva are running under BeOS R5 on a laptop. The ProFS ‘turnkey’ systems, available in limited quantities by the end of this month, are also running under BeOS.

Sounds like confirmation to me. :)

Rounding up the weekend

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Posted by:Deej on Monday, 22 Oct, 2001 @ 2:08 AM
Bits N

Just a weekend roundup of a few notible things…

The BeOS Journal is back online, now maintained by Chris Simmons (aka Technix) and Adam McNutt (aka Kancept). Note that the url is now either .org or .net, and no longer (not yet?) the .com url. You’ll also want to read the interview there with Nathan and BGA concerning the new Mail Daemon Replacement that they are working on. Sounds like it is going to do wonders for email on BeOS.

leBuzz has a couple of noteworthy items. First, BeOS Radio is celebrating it’s first birthday (yeah, it has been that long!). They’re going to have some contests, and want some audio greetings from everyone in the community. Second, Christopher Kemp has written an article, entitled “Anatomy of a Song”, on how to go about creating an entire song on BeOS. Some good info there, should you want to record a few things for BeOS Radio or your own uses.

BeForever, on a rather down note, reports that Maarten Hekkelman will not be continuing development of Pepper for BeOS. Pe was/is a cool programmer’s text editor (or so I’ve heard), and it’s a shame that we won’t see the re-vamped version of that.

And finally, there’s some interesting threads in our forums concerning the upcoming Shareholder’s vote to sell Be’s assets to Palm. There’s some argument over “Yes” or “No”, and one of the threads (here) is getting long. The other, shorter one, is here. So tell us what you think. :)

[UPDATE:]Kancept mentioned in the forums that he is also trying to bring in the now defunct newbe.org site under their wings as well, so you should see that one come back online in the coming weeks as well.

Rumblings from the net

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Posted by:Ryan on Wednesday, 17 Oct, 2001 @ 11:30 AM
Bits N

Ok.. here are some of the recent smaller stories all rolled up into one big one. We’ve got news on the new PalmOS company, various website disappearances, non-ports, and continuing projects. Oh, and a magazine and some forum news. Read on…

[Update]: Just had someone point out that OpenBeOS is not dead. The obedn site is still dead, but the group has moved to a new site that I was unaware of. After some searching (as no one gave me a url), I located it at http://open-beos.sourceforge.net/. Pretty obvious I suppose.. But in any case, its good to see that things are progressing nicely. :)

Special Be, Inc. Shareholder Meeting scheduled for Nov. 12th

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Posted by:Ryan on Tuesday, 09 Oct, 2001 @ 11:46 PM
Be Inc

Be has announced a special shareholder meeting on November 12th to vote on the sale of Be’s complete assets to the ECA Subsidiary Acquisition Company, a wholly owned Palm subsidiary, and then dissolving what remains of Be, Inc. In other words, this is the vote for how Be dies. Do they sell it all to palm where it may live on, or do they retain ownership, and go out of business, leaving their assets to be divided up and destroyed by creditors. My vote will go for Palm. The least I can do is let JLG pick the final resting place.

Read on for the full announcement. Discuss it here.

BeShare offline - possible BeOS source tree leak

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Posted by:Ryan on Monday, 08 Oct, 2001 @ 10:06 PM
Submitted News

Beshare’s primary server, beshare.bentonrea.com, is now offline permenantly. This was mainly due to the maintainer of the server, Ben, being tired of trying to prevent software piracy through his freely provided system. In the past, anti-piracy warning messages on the server have gotten more and more extreme, as certain people have leaked betas and pirated copies of applications through the system. Recently however, Ben says he simply hasn’t had the time to “baby-sit” the server and prevent abuses. This goes to show, if you have something good, don’t abuse it. It can easily be taken away.

The rumor is that someone shared the BeOS source code, which resulted in immediate termination of the server. I do not have confirmation of this, but it would definately be grounds for the server’s closure. Many have wished for the code in the past, and if rumors are true, that wish was granted. But the source is useless (as its illegal to use, and perhaps to even have), and the leak resulted in the loss of one of the best beos resources around. Like the subtitle says above, be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.

I personally have used BeShare an awful lot in the past, and quite enjoyed the application, and the server. Ben is a great guy, who put a lot of time into providing a great free resource. It’s a shame to see it go because people could not respect that contribution. I want to thank Ben for the time the server was online, and for his efforts to make it great. It was fun while it lasted. Meanwhile, BeShare itself is by no means useless. There are several other servers listed in the release which are still functioning. So try using one of them in the future.. and from now on, maybe a bit more respect and consideration can be given to the maintainers wishes.

Comments still busted. Discuss this item here.

Great BeOS Machine for sale

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Posted by:Ryan on Thursday, 04 Oct, 2001 @ 10:07 PM
Site News

Hey all… I know there hasn’t been much news here recently, but thats mainly because there hasnt been much news recently. :P This article can’t really be said to solve that problem. Basically, in my quest to get my life together after graduating college, I am working on getting rid of a LOT of stuff I don’t need. A part of that is moving to a laptop computer. To do that, I need to sell my current pc. So, thats what this is. an ad for a custom built, 100% BeOS compatible, really fast computer. It also runs windows and linux quite well. Read More for all the system details. (P.S. I know the commenting is screwed up. We are working on it. Its due to a server software upgrade gone awry. For now you can discuss this article here)

Gobe offers special cross-platform upgrade price

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Posted by:Ryan on Tuesday, 25 Sep, 2001 @ 11:45 PM
Gobe Software

Gobe Software, makers of the Productive office suite, are offering a significant discount on the next release of the suite to users of the BeOS version of productive. The new version is not 3.0, but rather a relaunch on Windows and Linux, and the license authorizes you to use the software anywhere in your family, on whatever platforms you like. Normally this would sell for 129.99, but BeOS users can get it for 39.99 if they preorder now. Read on for the official announcement. BTW - while we recieved this announcement and the opentracker announcement, we have copied these directly from BeForever, mainly for simplicity of access at this late date.

OpenTracker finds a new home

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Posted by:Ryan on Tuesday, 25 Sep, 2001 @ 11:34 PM

Be recently announced that their OpenTracker server was going down permenantly, and suggested that someone move it to SourceForge. Well, Axel Dörfler answered that challenge, and moved it to opentracker.sourceforge.net. Source control is now cvs instead of perforce, but it’s there, and the server is stable. It may be a while until we see any new official beos releases, even under a different name/group. But in the meantime, developing on opentracker is a great way to move the OS along. You can discuss any ideas or plans in our OpenTracker forums. Read on for the announcement Axel sent to everyone.


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Posted by:Ryan on Tuesday, 25 Sep, 2001 @ 11:29 PM
Site News

Hey all… many of you have been wondering exactly what’s up with BeGroovy. One of you even sent leBuzz an email about it. This is just an explanation.

Basically, I have been really busy, and simply havent had the time to update the site. There hasn’t been MAJOR news for a while, so nothing pressing made me update. And the time I did have to work on web sites was spent coding the new BeUnited site, based on Helmar’s design. I will post news about that later on, but check it out. It’s all about how to save BeOS.

In any case, I am actually going to be quiet again for the rest of this week, since i am on the road for 3 days, and saturday is my birthday. Then next week I am going to take a train into New York to see the damage with my own eyes, and try to get a sense of the tragedy from something other than TV. But in the meantime, I will post some news tonight to keep people happy. :)

Oh yeah, the sidebars not working is a cron issue. I am working on it, but i havent nailed it yet, due to time constraints.

Also, time is becoming more of an issue as I look for work, and work on several other planned sites. If any of you think you can make a contribution to the site, such as posting news or such, get in touch with me at nutcase@begroovy.com and let me know how,why,etc… basically convince me to give you news script access. We need all the help we can get to keep the site lively during this somewhat news-less time. Thanks.

BeGroovy server fixes & new pseudo-feature

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Posted by:Ryan on Wednesday, 12 Sep, 2001 @ 1:03 PM
Site News

Hey there all.. Just a quick note to let you in on a few changes to the server. First of all, all the @begroovy.com email addresses should be working. As far as I can tell, bemail.org is also working, but I will continue following up on my end to make sure that it is, and stays that way. Anyway, to those of you emailing me only to be bounced, we are back in business. Also, I got bored and decided to remove the security from the as-yet unfinished search engine. As such, you can all beat the hell out of my horribly buggy code searching all our old stories and comments. It was going to be a much grander thing, but I simply don’t have time to finish it at the moment. Should i have time later, i will. In the meantime, head over to search.begroovy.com if you need to find something. :)

BeOS seeks a graceful death

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Posted by:Ryan on Saturday, 08 Sep, 2001 @ 1:55 AM

Mike Popovic of BeDope fame has struck again over at Segfault.org with his story BeOS Signs DNR, Requests “Death with Dignity”. The article discusses BeOS’s final wishes as she lay in her hospital bed, and raises the question of if she will be remembered as a great technology ahead of it’s time or as the butt of jokes, like amiga and os/2. What do you think? Should beos simply go to sleep quietly, or should we drag it kicking and screaming back to life? I plan on giving my best effort to keep it alive, but if I can’t make anything happen by a year from now, I am letting it die peacefully. How ’bout you?

BeNews back online.

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Posted by:Ryan on Thursday, 06 Sep, 2001 @ 1:17 AM

BeNews is back up. Sorta. Their server has been down for 3 weeks, and it was determined that their perl interpreter was breaking under the load of their forums and commenting system. As such, they are both disabled until they can be fixed. Meanwhile, the begroovy servers, which were also down, still have no email capability. We are still trying to fix it, as we lost one of our partitions in the crash. In any case, I am sure both servers will sort out their problems and get back up to speed quickly. In the meantime, feel free to use our forums instead. We are glad to see BeNews back, and look forward to reading more about OS news. Oh wait… i mean BeOS News. ;)

Debian Linux for “beos refugees”

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Posted by:Ryan on Tuesday, 04 Sep, 2001 @ 12:20 AM
OS Wars

Just had someone point out a link on the Debian page to a Debian for BeOS Refugees guide. The goal of the document is to help people move to debian now that it seems BeOS has “been abandoned”.

Now, I like Debian GNU/Linux. It is by far the best GNU/Linux I have tried. But it doesn’t even hold a candle to BeOS. And just so you all know, BeOS is “not quite dead yet.” Admittedly, it’s status is in limbo. But there is a group of us making a very serious effort to save it (much more than just petitions) - so sit tight. But if you want to play for a while, go right ahead and try debian. In fact, I reccommend it. It will be enlightening. Just don’t do it because you think BeOS is no longer an option. ;)

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