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Downtime no more

by @ 12:34 am on 3/18/2001. Filed under Site News

I just wanted to post a quick item explaining the downtime recently, as several people contacted me about it. I was in the process of travelling home from break when the error occured, and didnt see it until 20 minutes ago. I notified site5, and it was immediately fixed. The page you were seeing was our old page before we launched with 2.0. Apparently the routing tables were pointing to the wrong server location and thus the wrong results occured. It’s a testament to how great site5’s service is that they fixed it that quickly. (under 10 minutes from time reported to time fixed) Sorry for any inconvenience.

4 Responses to “Downtime no more”

  1. Anonymous says:

    [No Subject]

    well, this is all improving really, each downtime/issue is shorter than the previous 😉

    jsut kidding, i’m glad this was not a scr1pT k1dZ or something, glad to see you guys back!! now what’s the status of the any key, hmmm.

    cedricd (posting from home)

  2. LeftTurn says:

    Glad to see you back!

    Thanks for getting my home page back Nutcase! Whenever I go into Opera, I look forward to seeing BeGroovy as the first thing!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Site 5 needs to get its act together

    $ whois

    Domain servers in listed order:


    See that? Their DNS servers are both on the same network. Although this protects against any one machine going down, if the network is cut off from the Internet for any reason (as happened in this case), begroovy and everything else whose DNS is hosted by site5 will go down. They would be well-advised to change this.

  4. Nutcase says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 03/20/2001 5:20:38 PM

    Re: Site 5 needs to get its act together

    um… we are looking at putting our dns on our server as opposed to using the site5 dns, but it doesnt matter much as we are in the same location… one question: if the network was cut off, would it really matter if we had another dns, since our server would be cut off anyway?

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