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So what’s up with the AnyKey?

by @ 1:59 pm on 3/14/2001. Filed under The "Any" Key

Several people have emailed me asking what is going on with the Any Key, our (formerly) regular comic strip. Well, first off, it isn’t dead. Rob’s (windows) computer died, along with all the templates he needed to produce the strips on time. It was unfortunate timing, as we had let our leadtime dwindle a bit, and ran out of strips. So until he can repair the damage and get back to producing the strip, it will just be sitting there. :-/ I am sure Rob isn’t feeling too great about it, so why not email him your support if you want to see it back sooner. 🙂

7 Responses to “So what’s up with the AnyKey?”

  1. chrish_work says:


    So, what you’re saying is that you should’ve been using a BeOS art program to do the strips, right? 🙂

    – chrish

  2. Delija says:

    In Response To chrish_work @ 03/14/2001 4:06:33 PM

    Re: So…

    I agree. Shame on you for using Win9x 🙁

  3. Anonymous says:

    In Response To Delija @ 03/14/2001 4:30:30 PM

    Re: So…

    Shame on you?

    I’m sorry, but as an artist myself, you have to use what works. Given a choice, I’d rather use BeOS for most things. However, I prefer Photoshop and 3D Studio MAX. I have my reasons. When I have a deadline or need quality results, I use those titles because they offer more features and ease of use. Features such as the polygonal laso, antialiasing, and all those “little” features that make a big difference are only in Windows and MacOS image applications. When BeOS delivers these, then we’ll see. I can’t wait.

    Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think anyone should have to sacrifice anything for quality results. That’s why we don’t use Windows to rip CDs, browse the web, and run a webserver all at the same time.

  4. Nutcase says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 03/15/2001 08:33:43 AM

    Re: So…

    Rob has often stated that he would use BeOS for the strip if he could, but it’s impossible using todays available software. Seriously impossible. There is no way for him to scan in all the strips, clean them up, edit them, add to them, and put the text in them, all while using beos. Especially not with the quality he needs. It’s the same reason BeGroovy hosts on a linux box. BeOS just isnt up to the challenge (yet). It doesnt even have all the tools it needs to try.

  5. rgering says:

    In Response To chrish_work @ 03/14/2001 4:06:33 PM

    Re: So…

    I would love to use BeOS 100% and I will as soon as the apps are available. My dream is to have a good scanner interface and a great art program (Pixel32, Inferno?). I love doing this strip and it will be back soon…

  6. Anonymous says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 03/15/2001 10:56:42 AM

    Re: So…

    I actually use ArtPaint and Scan-It for my comic strip for school…then again, I’m lucky to have a scanner that has some support in BeOS.

  7. cedricd says:

    In Response To rgering @ 03/15/2001 11:09:16 AM

    Re: So…

    There are talkings about a GUI front-end to BeSANE’s scanimage stuff.
    Would a simple app that takes minimalist parameters and a “scan!” button be enough?
    I take it more advanced configurqation options would be a prerequisite..

    PS: thanks for the strip so far! I’ve voted for it in the latest benews poll, it was
    a tough decision vs. userfriendly, so yes I’m one of those who already like it that much!

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