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Be includes Flash Support in BeIA

by @ 1:51 pm on 3/14/2001. Filed under Be Inc

Be has announced that they will be including the official Macromedia Flash player in BeIA. This will allow lots of cool content to be seen on BeIA devices. Hopefully this will make it’s way to become a standard BeOS component as well, but in the mean time, The General Coffee Company makes a great flash player for beos, which can act as a plugin for Opera on BeOS. As a side note, sorry this is a bit late in posting… I am home for break, and not online as often as usual. Anyway, read on for the full press release.

Be to Include the Macromedia Flash Player in BeIA

Macromedia Flash Player Licensed for use in the BeIA Client Platform

MENLO PARK, Calif. — March 13, 2001 — Be Incorporated (Nasdaq: BEOS) today announced a licensing agreement to include the Macromedia Flash Player in the BeIA Client Platform, a component of BeIA, the complete IA solution. The addition of the Macromedia Flash Player to the BeIA Client Platform will allow users to view Macromedia Flash content on the Web and will enable a high-impact, engaging experience.

Macromedia Flash Player is a Web standard that delivers the same rich experience to Internet appliances as it does to Web desktops. Macromedia Flash authoring software delivers low-bandwidth animations, presentations and Web experiences.

“Our goal at Be is to provide a seamless and dynamic experience for Internet appliance users,” said Lamar Potts, vice president, sales and marketing at Be. “The Macromedia Flash Player is an obvious choice to include in the BeIA Client Platform. The combined technologies ensure that BeIA-powered Internet appliances provide a user experience that maximizes the Web to its fullest potential.”

“Macromedia Flash technology has changed the way people interact with the Web, and we are extending this standard to the growing Internet appliance market,” said Peter Goldie, vice president of product management at Macromedia. “The addition of Macromedia Flash technology makes Be’s Internet appliance solution truly comprehensive.”

About BeIA: The Complete IA Solution
BeIA contains three components: the Client Platform, Integration Services and the BeIA Management and Administration Platform. This integrated package of small footprint client-side software delivers a responsive user experience and the stable environment that consumers have come to expect from traditional home appliances. Be offers vendors the ability to completely customize an Internet appliance’s user interface, in order to create an experience and image appropriate for their target environment. Using BeIA, an Internet device will feature instant-on capabilities to eliminate start-up and connection delays, native TCP/IP networking to guarantee reliable performance in both broadband and narrowband applications, a modular architecture for vendors to easily create customized implementations, and support for both x86 and PowerPC processors.

About Be
Founded in 1990, Be Incorporated creates software platforms that enable rich media and Web experiences on Internet appliances and personal computers. Be is committed to meeting the needs and demands of users by offering a responsive, dynamic Web experience, making BeIA the complete Internet appliance solution. Be’s headquarters are in Menlo Park, California, and its European office is in Paris, France. It is publicly traded on the Nasdaq National Market under the symbol BEOS. Be can be found on the Web at

8 Responses to “Be includes Flash Support in BeIA”

  1. Zippy says:

    Enjoy your vaca-time Nutcase

    Just had to. 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    this is part of the problem…

    IMHO this is part of a larger problem w/ BeOS software at the moment. I feel that there are a lot of users out there who would snap up opera 3 and the flash player if they knew that opera 4/5 and flash was NOT going to be free with future beos versions. Its really holding me back. Props to General Coffee and Opera Soft., but I was burned once with Beatware (mailit and Getit) and would hate to pay and have it free in a couple weeks/months.

  3. Nutcase says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 03/14/2001 3:24:36 PM

    Re: this is part of the problem…

    Of course, People buy windows utilities all the time, and then they become free. No one can see the future. And also, Opera 3 and Flash have been available for quite a while, so why didnt you buy them then? While you may think holding off will mean that you will end up getting it for free, it could just mean that the companies change their mind (no market for opera, etc) and you don’t get it at all. Pay for it now, if you use it now. Just because something could potentially be free in the future doesnt mean it should be treated as such now. Then again, it’s your money… do as you please.

  4. chrish_work says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 03/14/2001 3:24:36 PM

    Re: this is part of the problem…

    What makes you think Opera and Flash will suddenly become bundled with BeOS? We don’t even have any evidence that Be will ever release a new version of BeOS, let alone one with bundled apps that have licensing issues/costs.

    Not to sound like a total downer, but you have to live for the day; if you need something, buy it now.

    – chrish

  5. Anonymous says:

    In Response To chrish_work @ 03/14/2001 4:08:29 PM

    Re: this is part of the problem…

    I don’t know about “Flash”, but I am pretty sure that Opera will be included since I haven’t a press release that reverses the following PR snippet from 12-99:

    Be and Opera Software Team to Enable Rich Web Content On Internet Appliances
    MENLO PARK, Calif. and OSLO, Norway — Dec. 8, 1999 — Be Incorporated and Opera Software A/S today announced a development and
    marketing agreement to deliver web browsing technology for Be’s software
    platforms. Under the agreement, Be and Opera Software are cooperating to
    deliver a version of Opera Software’s web browser, which Be will offer as
    part of both its Internet appliance software platform, code-named Stinger,
    and its desktop operating system, BeOS. The parties expect to deliver the first software under the agreement in the first quarter of 2000.

  6. Anonymous says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 03/14/2001 3:45:42 PM

    Re: this is part of the problem…

    yes, they have been out for months, but how often does somebody need flash? Every day? no.
    How often does somebody need a good browser? Every day? Yes. Netpositive works well , but opera does better. now mozilla is starting to becomes usable to the point that i dont really need opera (unless its a secure site with javascript). I understand that there is a REAL important reason to buy this stuff, but this may be why sales are low. people have been listening to the rumors and dont want to jump in and buy the products when they can get along without buying them. Now if Be were to make an announcement that flash and opera would not be bundled in the future, then the purchases would be justified.

    speaking of justified purchases, i will have to commit to corum 3 because of gobe’s sale and the addictive demo. Damn you Chris H.! DAMN YOU!!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 03/14/2001 5:12:20 PM

    Re: this is part of the problem…

    If you’ve spent any time at all time at all in BeOS land, you’ll know that Be’s press releases aren’t worth the paper they’re (not) printed on. They tread the fine line between fiction and misdirection.

    Except that focus shift one…that turned out to be pretty accurate.

  8. chrish_work says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 03/14/2001 5:12:20 PM

    Re: this is part of the problem…

    That’s a pre-focus-shift press release; none of those have actually come true in a long, long time. Be’s focused on BeIA now, and the only press releases actually coming true are related to BeIA.

    – chrish

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