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BeOSRadio BRS TuneTracker Software Available

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Posted by:Ryan on Friday, 23 Feb, 2001 @ 2:23 PM

BeOSRadio has just announced a pre-sale of it’s radio software, now called BRS TuneTracker. The software is reportedly pretty good. You can browse the documentation for the software before you buy, and if you buy quickly, you can get the whole package for $59.95. It will get you the pre-release version, and includes a free upgrade to the full version when it is released. If you wait for that release, it will cost $99.95. Read on for their full announcement.

Announcing the BRS TuneTracker™ System!

BeOSRADIO is pleased to announce we are now taking
orders for an inexpensive radio automation system with
performs that rivals systems costing thousands: The BRS
TuneTracker™ System.

The very same software we developed for BeOSRADIO is
now being made available for sale to the public, for use in
Internet, intranet, low power FM (LPFM), shortwave, elevator
music, drive-by or drive-thru radio, public access stations,
tourism radio, public radio outlets, on-hold systems, and other
environments requiring flexible, highly stable, reliable radio
automation. BRS TuneTracker™ System leverages the power
of the Be Operating System’s database-like attributes to allow
a huge amount of flexibility in the generation of program logs
complete with criteria-controlled, randomized music selection,
time-sensitive automation functionality, live and live-assist
abilities, time-announce potential, and silky-smooth
automated playback.

LIMITED TIME OFFER:  We are now taking pre-release
orders for the software for $59.95. The pre-release will
contain all the same components as the final commercial
release, though there will be some final tweaks and changes
in the commercial release. We will upgrade everybody who
purchases the pre-release for free! When it is released
commercially, it will cost $99.95, so there is significant cost
savings in ordering now. E-mail us right away for details…or
click here to snap it up now while the snappin’s good..

An e-mail list forum has been created for people who are
interested in joining an ongoing discussion about BRS, ideas,
questions, and feature requests. You can sign up at this URL.

There’s no need to order this system “in the dark.” We’re
providing our documentation right up front, so you can see
exactly what the system can do for you.

17 Responses to “BeOSRadio BRS TuneTracker Software Available”

  1. Technix Says:

    Very Impressive

    I’m truly impressed at the sheer amount of documentation and professionalism shown by BeOS Radio.

    The show always sounds great, has a good, and growing variety, and this new BRS system looks fantastic. I’m definately going to recommend this to my clients who are seeking this type of solution!

    I can’t wait to see what else BeOS Radio comes up with in the future.

    Good job!

    Chris Simmons
    Avid BeOS user.

  2. Anonymous Says:


    Great work as always! Keep it up.
    I dont think I ONLY speak for myself but, if your wanting more people to participate in this offer, you are going to have to show us *something* preferably a demo, even screenshots would be great!

  3. jgl Says:

    bandwidth needed?

    I was wondering what sort of bandwidth would be needed to have a reasonably good experience with internet radio. On the upstream side.

    For example, a cable modem has upstream of 128kb/sec - good enough? good enough for mono only?

  4. cedricd Says:

    In Response To jgl @ 02/27/2001 3:52:13 PM

    Re: bandwidth needed?

    I’m not sure whether Dane monitors BeGroovy (unfortunately..) so here’s what I recall:
    Dane first started streaming with a vanilla 56K modem (!) in the early BeOSRADIO days,
    and was thus limited to 25Kb to be sure no to have hiccups.

    What you hear these days is streamed to live356’s server via a ISDN
    modem I think, which would be 64Kb or more.

    So the answer to your question is probably yes, more than enough :-)

    As to the screenshots, I see no reason why it would be difficult to do, especially
    when the look is cast in stone after the public release, but better encourage Dane
    directly : mail dsuden _at_ netnet.net


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