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Icontarot, Quotable JLG and The Be Haiku Generator join BeGroovy

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Posted by:Ryan on Tuesday, 20 Feb, 2001 @ 1:44 PM

When Mike announced he was going to stop updating BeDope, he mentioned that he would probably find new homes for several of the other features BeDope had, such as The Quotable JLG, The Be Haiku Generator, and The Icon Tarot. Well, those features have now found the perfect home at BeGroovy. We would like to take a moment and thank Mike for all his hard work on BeDope, and to encourage all of you to help us keep the Quotable JLG and Be Haiku generator fresh, by sending us new submissions. Read on for more details..

This marks the start of several new features you will see showing up in your menu in the next few months; some inhereted, some brand new. With a User Account you can customize which items appear in the menu, and how they look. For example, the new features have the following icons:

Quotable JLG

The Icon Tarot

Be Haiku Generator

Perhaps you want one of those great icons in your menu, rather than a simple text link.

In the future, any items added to begroovy will appear in both registered and non registered users menus. To remove them, simply edit your menus in your user profile.

7 Responses to “Icontarot, Quotable JLG and The Be Haiku Generator join BeGroovy”

  1. Zippy Says:

    An impromptu haiku

    The former BeDope
    Thought lost to corporate gains
    Is not lost at all.

    Sorry, just had to…

  2. VitViper Says:

    In Response To Zippy @ 02/20/2001 2:58:00 PM

    Re: An impromptu haiku

    Hehehe. BeDope Reborn!

  3. Feylen Says:

    So off of the subject…

    … it isn’t even funny - but I have to say it because I keep seeing it! Is it just me or does JLG look alot like Anthony Hopkins? Well - without the funky mask and the fauva beans.

  4. Technix Says:

    In Response To Feylen @ 02/20/2001 7:45:50 PM

    Re: So off of the subject…

    You know, it’s been a long time since Hopkins has finally chosen -now- to reprise his role as Hannibal…

    Is this a sign of what’s to come from the Be camp?

    It HAS been a year, hasn’t it, since the last major update to BeOS…

    ((mystery music here))

  5. Chevron Says:


    I never really noticed these on bedope before, they are so
    Let us all hail JLG!!!!
    He was innumerable wisdom, surpassing even the humblest of ourselves.

    This is an AWESOME addition to begroovy!!!
    thanks heaps

  6. Kart Says:

    2 Haiku for You

    president Mike Popovic
    donates web content.

    VideoLAN kicks ass
    darn, now I need to get a
    DVD-ROM drive.

  7. Ruprect Says:

    In Response To Chevron @ 02/20/2001 11:10:01 PM


    Yes, this is a really great addition.

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