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BeZilla supports Plugins

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Posted by:Ryan on Thursday, 15 Feb, 2001 @ 4:24 PM

Some interesting news on the BeZilla front.. Apparently the current build of BeZilla (taken from CVS, as the daily build archive is down) can use plugins such as RealPlayer, MediaPlayer, and FlashPlayer! Thats a very very cool thing to know. Here is a screenshot for ya. :)

9 Responses to “BeZilla supports Plugins”

  1. Hamanaka Says:

    the code will not be in CVS for some day

    Woo, very fast to notice, Nutcase.

    I posted the plug-in patch to Bugzilla yesterday, but because Bugzilla’s processing of patches will take some day, the code will not be in CVS tree for some day. I don’t know it will be in time for Mozilla 0.8 .

    By the way, the screenshot is the same as one which I took and uploaded to my website yesterday.


  2. georges Says:

    In Response To Hamanaka @ 02/15/2001 5:34:31 PM

    Re: the code will not be in CVS for some day

    Wow, this is very cool.
    Thanks for all the work you put into BeZilla!


  3. sivax Says:

    plugins we need

    first: java runtime environment

    second: updated realplayer version

    third: official flashplayer (why do we have to pay when windows users get if for free)

    fourth: a quicktime plugin that play sorienson codec and all the other cool features (QuicktimeVR & others).

    fifth: tons of other things that I cannot remember. maybe a acrobat reader (official) plugin that displays them in the browser.

  4. ViPir14 Says:


    Is there any idea of when 0.8 will officially be released in binary form?
    Robert B.

  5. Anonymous Says:


    Sweet! One question, which plugins already work with BeZilla?


  6. bjhindman Says:

    In Response To sivax @ 02/16/2001 12:09:45 AM

    Re: plugins we need

    Does anybody know the status on BeKaffe (JAVA)? It might be a fairly interesting experiment to connect Bezilla to BeKaffe through OJI. Question is, is this considered a plug-in?

  7. sivax Says:

    In Response To bjhindman @ 02/16/2001 2:54:15 PM

    Re: plugins we need

    I dont know about the status of BeKaffe or if it could be implimented into Bezilla but it would be nice if the leader of BeKaffe could talk to Bezilla about it.

    It still would be nice if Sun (who made java to have the ability write once run anywhere) would port there official JRE to ever possible operating system, starting with the most used (windows I would guess) all the way down till BeOS.

  8. AllNew Says:

    In Response To sivax @ 02/16/2001 12:09:45 AM

    Re: plugins we need

    Maybe it’s because I’m an artist-type, but Flash is definately a top one for me. Well, a modern browser with support for CSS and HTML 4, but that’s to be expected from Mozilla.

    Flash is cool for a couple of reasons. It is a good streaming media, even on my week ~28.8 connection. Some things load faster in Flash than a bitmap, because of its vector nature. Multimedia websites. Flash for Windows can create Flash. Adobe Illustrator can create Flash. Many 3D suites can create Flash through a vector renderer. Oh, and a program for that BeOS called Moho can create Flash too. That’s good.

    Sure, I know Flash is often used for no reason. An entire website should not be carved out of Flash unless it is a portfolio :) or animation. Still, for usefullness, Flash beats Java or Quicktime VR to me.

    As Dennis Miller would say, that’s my opinion, I’m probably wrong.

  9. Hamanaka Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 02/16/2001 09:09:00 AM

    Real and Flash

    Currently, Real Player (BeOSR5 Pro) and Flash Player (General Coffee)
    is working well on Bezilla.

    Is there any other plugins avaliable on BeOS ?

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