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Tucows reducing BeOS support?

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Posted by:Ryan on Monday, 12 Feb, 2001 @ 1:29 PM
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Tucows has a notice on their “Coming Soon” page that BeOS is being moved to their “classic” section. They state this is because of the focus shift to IA’s reducing the applications being released. We know that everyone is just waiting for BONE/OpenGL to be released, but Tucows doesn’t. As David Powell points out, “When Tucows asked the BSD community about dropping support for their OS, there was a huge response and Tucows reconsidered their position.” Maybe we should let Tucows know exactly how active BeOS is. Developers, make sure your apps show up there. Users, write them. Be… release Bone and OpenGL! :P

25 Responses to “Tucows reducing BeOS support?”

  1. Technix Says:

    BeOS Community

    We are the BC. You will be assembled.

    Everyone, if you could please copy and paste this into your favorite email package:

    Dear Tucows,

    I’m emailing you as part of the great BeOS Community, and hope that you please reconsider your actions of placing the BeOS section into the “classic” area of your site.

    We are a growing, vibrant community that sees new applications arrive everyday from thousands of developers. Surely you don’t want to miss out on the growing traffic that this entails, as they seek out said applications.

    You should also be aware that many more hundreds of developers are waiting in the wings with baited breath for the release of both BONE and openGL from Be Inc., so that their developing application can take full advantage of new features. Even though Be Inc. has never mentioned a specific release date, it’s the feeling of the community that it’s at hand.

    Please reconsider your actions, as they do affect a great many people, in more ways than you may realize.

    Thank you for your time, and attention in this important matter.

    Chris Simmons,
    BeOS Community Member


    If you could replace your name, and send that, along with a few kind words in “p.s.” style, then I’m sure we could get their attention. Email them once a day, if need be.. but ONLY once a day, until we get a response. Any official responses, will be tracked on the General BeOS Forum here….

    Good luck all!

    Chris Simmons
    Avid BeOS user.

  2. Chris Capoccia Says:

    [No Subject]

    i don’t see how this is so surprising. all the beos software i ever want is at bebits. i can usually find what i want quicker at bebits. and there is more beos software at bebits. so why should i go look for stuff on tucows.
    so tucows is not getting very much hits (hits –> dollars) for its server space being used by beos stuff. i’d be moving my stuff if i were tucows too.

  3. Nimdok Says:

    In Response To Chris Capoccia @ 02/12/2001 2:47:49 PM

    Re: [No Subject]

    Agreed, I never head over to tucows.

    I just hope we don’t lose tucows then bebits, ouch.

  4. Anon E Mouse Says:

    In Response To Chris Capoccia @ 02/12/2001 2:47:49 PM

    Re: [No Subject]

    I have to agree with that. I used Tucows a couple of times before BeBits came along, and that was about it. And I never really found anything up there that wasn’t already on BeWare.

  5. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To Anon E Mouse @ 02/12/2001 4:51:07 PM

    Re: [No Subject]

    Tucows offers hosting of files. Tucows is much better known.

    Tucows has advantages. Yes, once you are inside the community, bebits is the place. But outside the community, tucows is what would make people stumble across software.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    re: no mo tucows

    Personally, I too never use Tucows to get BeOS goodies, but at the same time I remember the joy when Tucows annouced that they were going to begin hosting BeOS software. I was like “Yeah baby! BeOS is in the Big Leagues now!”

  7. Adrian Says:

    Stumbling on BeOS

    TuCows is where I first found out about BeOS, while going looking for Linux! While BeBits is great only the BeOS community are likely to go there.

    The reason that I haven’t gone back to TuCows much since my early days with BeOS is that I have been through their software collection and it doesn’t change much. Hence what we really need is for developers to put applications on TuCows and so attract BeOS users in that direction.

    Mustn’t forget BeBits though…..

  8. tom6789 Says:

    Two Who?

    BeBits has it all. TuCows is not needed for apps but is a good advertising engine. But if developers only post on BeBits then of course other sites wich host multi platfom apps don’t see much.

    Can non-devs submit links to BeOS apps? That could help.

    Look at BoostSignal, its a great site but less traffic, and less apps.

    Look at www.dasound.com. They list BeOS, but have NADA apps. and that a MULTIMEDIA app site!!!

    Perhaps, someone could help BeBits in designing a system that updates multi-plat sites simeltaniously(sp) when BeBits is updated?

    The BeOS community of users and developers need to stick together a little more. Theirs been a new BeOS webring for some time now but yet, COMMERCIAL BeOS sites STILL continue to link that old crusty webring - wich is SOOO outdated it makes BeOS look abandon. So Tucows bumps BeOS down a notch, no wonder.

  9. LeftTurn Says:

    BeBits has it all but…

    …at the same time we need to have BeOS apps posted on other non-BeOS only sites. It’s great advertising for the OS as well as showing other people out there that BeOS is growing. I don’t use TuCows much myself either, but I know alot of people who go there for other stuff.
    Maybe some of the devs should submit to TuCows as well as BeBits?
    The post about the BeOS webring is definitely right on! There definitely needs to be a new and updated one, as over half the links on the old web ring are dead, just like some of the old BeOS links pages. This does need to be addressed as new users can easily get scared off by all the dead links. It shows a bad impression.

  10. tom6789 Says:

    In Response To tom6789 @ 02/12/2001 8:50:27 PM


    OK, I emailed EVERY website at the old unmaintained webring and told them of the new one.

    HOPEFULLY - that’ll do some good.

  11. Sebastian Benner Says:

    In Response To tom6789 @ 02/12/2001 8:50:27 PM

    Re: Two Who?

    …don`t forget my little german site http://bezip.de … there are currently more than 750 apps listed and it`s almost up to date …



  12. Squarewav Says:


    tucows has a beos section??, thats news to me, but anyway I can see why thier moving it, I havnt seen any new software for beos worth downloading in a wile, guess people waiting for opengl/bone/mediakit fix

  13. Andrew Parsons Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 02/12/2001 5:29:24 PM

    Re: [No Subject]

    I agree with nutcase. The BeOS community needs to grow so that the developers can make money, the the hardware manufacturers provide drivers, etc. etc. Anything, including a posting on Tucows that promotes that must be of some value. A posting to the Classic section is surely worse than no posting at all! It would certainly not give a potential new user the right message.

  14. Werner Freytag Says:

    In Response To Sebastian Benner @ 02/13/2001 03:42:04 AM

    Re: Two Who?

    Yes, bezip.de is really a great site! I recommend it to every German who searches a BeOS program!

    Weiter so, Sebastian!

  15. Werner Freytag Says:

    In Response To Technix @ 02/12/2001 2:00:45 PM

    Re: BeOS Community

    Just wanted to add the email address:


  16. Dummy Says:

    I hope Be picks up this signal

    …as the subject says…

  17. mlk Says:

    bah I hate work….

    No I’m going to have to update apps on three blooming sites :(

    I did not know Twocows even had a BeOS section.

    He is a random idea for any BeOS dev with more free time than me…
    create an app which updates apps on all BeOS app sites, i.e. BeBits, BoostSignal & twocows.

    Ohh the title had nothing to do with the rest of the message. I just hate work :(


  18. mlk Says:

    In Response To mlk @ 02/13/2001 10:38:28 AM

    Re: bah I hate work….

    sorry, four sites, bezip.de as well.
    Not speaking any german I don’t visit that site that ofton…

    Ohh, if you speek german, and want too translate my programs and/or add them to bezip, please get in contact. :)


  19. Little Grey Says:

    Fast Mirrors

    Tucows didn’t update their software listings much, but it was nice having local mirrors to download BeOS software at lightning fast speeds. Some of the sites linked to by BeBits are SLOW. That was the one plus Tucows always had going for it.


  20. geroges Says:

    Tucows is NOT useless!

    It was the ONLY place I could find the Civ:CTP demo for BeOS.
    Bebits and BoostSignal didn’t have it!

    Tucows is a great place to advertise the OS. There’s a link to BeOS on the front page, can’t get much better than that.

  21. ArcWave Says:


    I was just on Tucows and noticed the BeOS section right before coming the begrooy.com. weird, very weird. –I went there for a Win IRC client.

    I feel the BeForce, now if I could only use it to get BONE and accelerated OpenGL. -heh

  22. tpv Says:

    But… but…

    How does BeOS software relate to
    “The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software” ??

  23. JB Says:

    It doesn’t really matter

    because most of the links on Tucows associated with BeOS are outdate anyway… (at least they were whenever I checked!)


    I don’t do Windows.

  24. mlk Says:

    In Response To tom6789 @ 02/12/2001 10:43:30 PM


    whats the addreesss?
    I trid to join the last one, got an email on the lines of
    “I’m going to update the ring any day down…”
    some time last year :)

  25. nano GEEK Says:

    In Response To Little Grey @ 02/13/2001 11:11:27 AM

    Re: Fast Mirrors

    Second sources are always a plus. If BeBits is the only place to download from, imagine how much slower it could get or worse what happens if it goes down.

    Might it be possible to get BeBits to upload all there new software to Tucows once a week or so. You know treat Tucows as a BeBits minior. That way BeBits stays as the first choice for software downloads, Tucows will see an increase in software uploads and we all have a backup site to go to.


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