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Conspiracy Theories - Sony buying Be

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Posted by:Ryan on Tuesday, 30 Jan, 2001 @ 1:51 PM
Submitted News

This morning we had a reader submit a rather long explanation of an interesting theory. Basically, he believes Sony will use Be in an attack against Microsoft and Intel on the desktop. Probably by just buying Be outright. While we were preparing it for posting, and were checking his sources, he mentioned that he had also submitted it to the register. Sure enough, they posted it before us. That’s how it goes. In any case, read there, comment here. :)

53 Responses to “Conspiracy Theories - Sony buying Be”

  1. Aeris the wired Says:


    This is a frightnigly cool idea! Too bad it’s just rumor. Image a PS2 shipping with BeIA? Scary…….


    BTW, what’s even more scary to me personally, would be porting the game my friends and I are working on to an emotion based BeIA….

  2. Anonymous Says:

    [No Subject]

    well…….given that BeIA will soon be able to plug into a high-rez TV, it starts to look like a distinct possibility.

    Of course, it all has to be taken with a large dose of salt.

    SonyOS does not have the same ring to it as BeOS, but just think about the marketing muscle of Sony compared to tiny lol’ ol’ Be!

    Wow!…..the possibilities are endless

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Be…In your Sony’s!

    The blank space under the Be logo is by this time sad.

    New exciting slogan: Be, In Your Sony’s!

  4. rgering Says:

    I don’t know about this rumor..

    I think they are making a deal for a buyout of CosmOS!

  5. Nutcase Says:

    good or bad?

    What do you think of this idea?

    Personally, if there is a company that could get BeOS as the centerpiece of a home media system/network, it would be sony. And BeOS is in a good state to do it.

    But it would be a RADICAL shift.. and it could take years. And who knows what state beos would be in afterwords.

    I think the question is this… are we willing to give up beos as we know it in exchange for a sony led pc revolution against microsoft?

    Of course, whatever your answer is, it doesnt matter. Because this is just a (really really good) rumor.

    Damn i wish it hadnt been sent to the register also. :P

  6. Jim Duggan Says:

    I *really* think it’s true…

    I think the rumour is true.

    Although The Register says they can’t see what Sony would gain out of the deal, I think they have a great deal to gain.

    Read the Wired article linked within the Register article. Read especially the bits about Aperios, and Idei’s motives for creating it. It needs to be an OS that is cabable of acting as a hub for all the digital appliances like minidisc players, video recorders, and games consoles. The Wired article is quite clear on the importance of Aperios [now BeOS/BeIA] in Sony’s strategy.

    On the hardware side, the e Villa demonstrates beautifully how different components, that are manufactured by different parts of the company are slotted together so well, for example the display technology, and the memory stick technology. This kind of shift is also quite well detailed in the article.

    The only thing I see stopping the deal is this: Is JLG ready to sell? Has he been hooked on the IA revolution, and does he think he can make more money just licensing BeIA to Sony and the other players? Or is he ready to give up the OS as he was when he tied to sell it to Apple?

    One more thing…
    The ‘hidden’ link [www.be.com/partners/sony.html] has now been changed since the article has come to light. Previously, it had shown the Sony logo, and details about Sony.

  7. Jim Duggan Says:

    In Response To Jim Duggan @ 01/30/2001 3:52:57 PM

    Re: I *really* think it’s true…

    BTW: I’m really sorry Nutcase… I know you wanted the scoop, and were working on something similar. :(
    Still… at least now more people are tuned in, eh?

  8. Deej Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 01/30/2001 3:11:34 PM

    Re: good or bad?

    A really really good rumor that coincides with a very interesting “sell out” on BeDope. Not that I want to feed the rumors any, but I think Mike might have just outdone himself and his previous april fool’s pranks… knowingly or not. :P

  9. H-kon Says:

    I have been saying this since June 18 2000 - Here is the proof!

    I have been saying and hoping for this since June 18th 2000 (When my article was posted) Sony is the only and would be the right company to do this! Go Sony!

    Take a look further down on www.i-bug.org to find the proof of my article where you’ll find an article named

    “Bring the BeBox back will ya”

  10. Scott A Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 01/30/2001 2:32:23 PM

    Re: [No Subject]

    *cough*Salt Mine*cough*

  11. Ruprect Says:

    In Response To rgering @ 01/30/2001 2:56:58 PM

    Re: I don’t know about this rumor..

    Rob, I love your OS name, even if it is fictional! Maybe when it’s time to make a new OS from the ground up, you can have the copyrights…

  12. Ruprect Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 01/30/2001 3:11:34 PM


    No, doubt. It’s a shame this couldn’t have been exclusive here.

  13. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To Jim Duggan @ 01/30/2001 3:55:11 PM

    Re: I *really* think it’s true…

    hey.. its not a big deal. It isn’t really a “scoop” as its a rumor.. but it would have been nice to have been able to run it. Either way, its intriguing, and out there. :)

  14. Jeff Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 01/30/2001 3:11:34 PM

    Re: good or bad?

    sounds like one of those ten questions to jlg

  15. Anonymous Says:

    [No Subject]

    Intel would have first dibs at buying out Be if it were to be offloaded.

  16. Erik Says:

    Sony - conspiracy theory #2

    This certainly does have certain positive aspects, but I can’t help but think of some really big negatives.

    When Sony refers to MS’s thinking as old guard, do they mean OS design, or could they be referring to MS’s refusal to incorporate CONTENT CONTROL. Sony is working furiously to take away the public’s ability to download and copy certain files (mp3s and movie). MS has always flat refused to implement any sort of copy control for data files. Sony is just SEATHING that I’m downloading an mp3 of a band I might like rather than buying the whole album to decide they suck. So Sony buys Be, sells consumer IA. Since they bought Be, forget anyone else doing something unique with BeIA, it will have to be Sony approved. BeIA now sits at the head of your entertainment center, disallowing files to be downloaded, but allowing you to take from a Sony approved site charging you every time you listen to it of course. Since you can only use it with Sony’s ISP, you will never be able to use Gnutella or what ever is next. And if it happens to “find” unauthorized files, it will email you the federally approved fine under the DMCA.

    Scary thought, eh?

  17. pocket Says:

    In Response To Jim Duggan @ 01/30/2001 3:52:57 PM

    Re: I *really* think it’s true…


    Maybe there’s something to this. I just seached Be’s site with their own search engine and when I type in Sony, I get as the first choice “http://www.be.com/partners/sony.html. It was there! Someone yanked it, but why? If there’s nothing going on, why hide it. Maybe Sony and Be are working together on something special, maybe not a takeover or anything, but something really special.

    It’s gotta be that…or, the only other thing I can think of is, there’s a lawsuit out there with both Be and Sony’s name on it.

  18. BigZaphod Says:

    In Response To Jim Duggan @ 01/30/2001 3:55:11 PM

    Re: I *really* think it’s true…

    Actually, I think it was better it didn’t show up here first. The reason is that then outsiders won’t instantly label it as BeOS community propaganda/wishful thinking piece. That sort of thing. The register has a much more diverse readership and so it might attract more attention that way then it would had it been published on BeGroovy first and then linked in later. Even though it is just a rumor, the more diverse attention it gets the more it can help Be and BeOS simply by reminding people that this whole world exists. And if the stories start outside our little group of sites, then it might give Be and BeOS a bit more credibility in the minds of others. Or something like that. :-)

  19. Deej Says:

    In Response To Erik @ 01/30/2001 7:56:35 PM

    Re: Sony - conspiracy theory #2

    From big brother to “Big Brother”. :P It would be good and bad… If Sony made Be proprietary to them in any sort of way… other companies using BeIA would be hurting… but BeOS would have a good kick - might not be good for long, but still. But I think we’ll never find out for sure. :) The “strategic alliance” possibilties are mind-boggling though, aren’t they. :)

  20. georges Says:

    In Response To Jeff @ 01/30/2001 7:00:43 PM

    Re: good or bad?

    Hahaha, yeah if you haven’t done the follow-up yet ask JLG about Sony.
    He definitely won’t answer, but it’ll be fun to see how he reacts.


  21. Frithiof Says:


    could it be possible that someone completely fabricated this article/rumour so as to give Sony’s stock or whatever a slight boost?

    I don’t think that this kind of wild speculation was, well…appropriate…

  22. tpv Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 01/30/2001 7:14:35 PM

    Re: [No Subject]

    Be is offloaded.
    By trading publically it is possible for any company to buy out another company, on two conditions:
    1) SEC/etc approval. And I think the SEC would approve any Be deal.
    2) Enough shares trading.

    (2) Is the killer. Who knows how many shares are owned by Be execs.

  23. Dirk Says:

    Sony and Be

    Sony buying be as rumors go this is a big one. There have been many who would look on this as a positive thing and a few who dislike even the mention of it.
    In the spirit of an article written a year ago at Ars Technica (Be 6 months and a year) I am speculating on the best and worst case scenarios based on all the news I have absorbed this last year.

    Best case

    Sony Buys Be but keeps it as independent subsidiary. It gives Be both money and resources to get BeOS back on track and to keep Be IA trucking along. Be continues to publish and develop BeOS for all PC’s

    Sony encourages “Name” developers to make Be versions of their software. Company’s like Adobe, Netscape, Macromedia, and game developers are given incentives to come on board.

    Sony starts to promote BeOS and include the option to install it on their Viao desktop line.

    Sony plans to launch a full line of Be IA devices such as Harp based stereos, combination answering machine, video phone, and Internet browser. etc..

    In one and a half to two years BeOS is mature enough and has wide developer support. Sony begins to ship BeOS only desktop and laptop Viao computers with digital video audio and image editing software packages. Intent on replacing Apple and Microsoft and offering a third choice to the mass market.

    Be IA becomes the standard in the imbedded OS market displacing palm and win ce as hand held devices become more powerful. Sony offers a seamless transition between home stereo, computer, and palm top device.

    Sony debuts their new line of Computer Graphic Imaging or CGI workstation / supercomputers. Featuring their next generation, more robust emotion engine chip combo (the heart of the playstation 2). With up to 32 cpu’s’s working in SMP and powered by BeOS these computers will be able to produce ultra high quality computer generated images (think final fantasy or toy story 2) in real time at 30 fps.

    Worst Case

    Sony Buys Be only interested in the Be IA technology

    Be is completely absorbed into Sony. J.L.G. is given a pink slip and a gold watch, along with most of the other people that work at Be.

    Not interested in re-inventing the wheel (competing with Microsoft) Sony discontinues development of BeOS though keeps this a secret. Publicly they push out a point release (5.5) to score some cash, then ayear later comes out publicly with the news that they will no longer be developing BeOS. This is doubly bitter for BeOS users since Bone and Open GL were included in the point release and though unfinished really made Be a much more well rounded OS.

    Be IA appears in Sony’s E-Villa product line and down the road becomes a foundation for all Sony’s imbeded devices. Sony also licences this technology out to others and sells off the pieces that it doesn’t need.

    Either of these projections could come true. I, being a giggling optimist, will blindly hope for the former. The truth of the matter is Sony will probably invest heavily in Be, instead of buying it outright. It would be easier and cheaper to influence a company with money, rather than take it over and have to run it yourself .

  24. Anonymous Says:

    SONY rumor

    I think it more likely that SONY becomes a major investor in Be. I don’t think JLG wants to sell really and I don’t think SONY really wants to buy necessarily. Be could very easily provide SONY with a unique set of modules and kernel to their specification and on a royality basis. As a part owner they gain back some of the value of their own payments.

    SONY is really in the business to sell entertainment and IAs from any supplier can become a distribution tool for them. Be can provide a platform to all comers that includes modules to supply entertainment services from SONY. This is symbiotic and a good model for building the IA market space. Such a model does mean that SONY has an interest in keeping Be healthy and well nurished.

    Next, SONY does have a strong interest in keeping MSFT out of their game market. So does Intel since the MSFT game box is essentially a MSFT spec PC which brings MSFT directly into the motherboard and possibly CPU business as well (down the road). Today this platform is not a threat to the big HW players but it presents an ominous threat to many big players (but more immediately SONY) if it succeeds.

    If SONY is smart they will watch the DOJvMSFT case and if MSFT prevails they will realize that it may be worthwhile to help promote BeOS to keep MSFT distracted in the desktop space. If DOJ wins then this is good for SONY and Be on several levels but a competitive US-owned product is likely to be better received in the US than a foreign owned one. SONY benefits best if Be remains independent but healthy IMO.

  25. karm Says:

    Secret message on Steve Sakomans CodyCam?

    Just to keep the rumor going - the CodyCam shows Japanese BeOS advertisments.
    Does anybody know since when they are there? It would be interesting to know if they were put there after the story…
    When I had an image of th 27th in my cache, nothing anusual back then (exept for the e Villa below that has been there since the CES).

    Has anybody thought about the possibility that Sony just buys a (big) part of Be and gives them some fundings yet?

    I’m not sure yet, but I would say I have a good feeling about that Be Sony scenario.

  26. Brent P. Newhall Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 01/30/2001 3:11:34 PM

    Re: good or bad?

    No, thank you.

    I’m not confident that Sony will be able to continue development of the BeOS and BeIA in the open, aggressively-evolving manner that Be has been doing. I wouldn’t be surprised if they turned BeOS into an internal development platform, and I believe BeIA would be turned to only serve Sony’s needs, which would prevent it from growing in all of its potential directions.

    If Sony bought Be, then BeOS and BeIA would be limited to only supporting the things that Sony cares about. Can you be sure that their interests will co-incide with yours?

  27. Brent P. Newhall Says:

    In Response To tpv @ 01/31/2001 02:54:39 AM

    Re: [No Subject]

    Be, Inc. is JLG’s baby, and he’s been very protective of it from the start. I’m betting he’s kept at least 51% of the stock in-house, or maybe even in-hand.

  28. euan Says:

    In Response To karm @ 01/31/2001 08:32:40 AM

    Re: Secret message on Steve Sakomans CodyCam?

    If you look closely, all the PCs are running BE**, and appear to have a network login box in the middle of the screen (the pc’s must be networked in a uni you can see the servers).

  29. Rude Turnip Says:

    In Response To Frithiof @ 01/31/2001 12:33:24 AM

    Re: hmmmm…

    If anything, it would give Be’s stock a major bump and would have no effect whatsoever on a giant such as Sony. However, looking at my ticker app, I see that BEOS is holding steady around $2.

    A while back, some stock analyst thought RedHat was going to buy Be and the price jumped from about $25 to a high of $39. The next day, the price went back to normal since it was just a “rumor.” I believe the broker should have received a stiff penalty from the SEC for spreading misinformation. Remember the PairGain incident on the Yahoo finance board?

    Overall, this isn’t a rumor, it’s more of a theory. Jim is pointing out a lot of good reasons why Sony would buy Be and he is not making up any facts. I think it’s a very healthy and invigorating discussion. hehe, maybe some Sony execs will read this, be inspired, and make the prophecy come true :-)

  30. Jake Says:


    … Sony isn’t listed as a Partner because they aren’t using BeIA in the e-Villa. A quick look at Be’s press release from January 6 (http://www.be.com/press/pressreleases/01-01-06_sony.html) states that Sony and Be have come to an agreement to use the Be Client Platform which is only a small portion of BeIA. This also explains why several Sony employees at CES stated that BeIA was NOT the client platform on the e-Villa. Perhaps Be is not keen on going over why Sony didn’t want the rest of BeIA (MAP and IS) on e-Villa? I hope this isn’t the case, but something odd is going on between Be and Sony…

  31. mlk Says:

    In Response To Brent P. Newhall @ 01/31/2001 10:13:28 AM

    Re: [No Subject]

    Yes, but is JLG a bissness man, or a dreamer?

    If the first, then all he is after is cash. And Sony buying the Be Inc will get him (and other shareholders) that.

    If he is the latter, then who knows… It depends on the deal between Be Inc and Sony.

    The real question here is are we willing to buy new hardware? (assuming it’s true)

    And which is the lesser evil, Sony or MS?

    Is that really a question?


  32. Erik Says:

    In Response To Frithiof @ 01/31/2001 12:33:24 AM

    Re: hmmmm…

    Wild speculation is ok for us. We avid supporters of BeOS who are not affiliated with either Be, Inc or Sony. However, if Be engineers, marketing people, JLG, execs from either company were stating that it MIGHT happen, then it would be inappropriate. We, the wildly speculating consumer do not speak for either company and bear no responsiblity to the shareholders of either company.

    oh, IANAL


  33. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To euan @ 01/31/2001 1:09:49 PM

    Re: Secret message on Steve Sakomans CodyCam?

    Right! And there was a stuffed animal someone claimed was named “Bone” from some comic or other. Hmmm.

    Maybe we are seeing BONE!!!!!!!

    Whoooo friggidy Hoooooo!

  34. LeftTurn Says:

    In Response To Brent P. Newhall @ 01/31/2001 10:10:18 AM

    Re: good or bad?

    Unfortunately, your thoughts follow mine. Sony may even scrap BeOS altogether and just use BeIA for it’s own devices. This may not necessarily be a good thing :(

  35. karm Says:

    In Response To euan @ 01/31/2001 1:09:49 PM

    Re: ‘kewl’ - that’s yet another picture

    you’re right, that really looks like a whole bnch of networked beos computers.
    it’s a different picture than I saw (some Japanese advertisments, in latin letters all I could read was BeOS 5 Yen7.000 and BeOS [nothing more] Yen20.000, if I don’t have a memory failure), but not less interesting.
    I wouldn’t read it necessaryly as BONE, but as multyuser. which, of course, could mean BONE as well. which would make BeOS a potential server OS. We could post great statistics on /.!

  36. karm Says:

    In Response To euan @ 01/31/2001 1:09:49 PM

    btw, it sure is a university

    I just wondered what those terminals in the middle rows are. they appear to have loudspeakers built in, but there also seem to be headphones lying in front of them, two each.
    my interpretation is (as if anyone would care) that it really is a university. the teachers screen seems to be displayed in that center monitor between two student monitors. those headphones (if they are headphones) could be used to communicate with the teacher. it’s a big room after all.
    it can’t be just a terminal because the two student computers are right below it, so you can’t put your feet under the table.
    on second look, there aren’t any chairs in the middle either…
    so it’s 32 BeOS computers and 16 times plus one teacher screens.
    clearly a learnig environment. my guess is Nagoya Syouka University, as they are the only university in Japan that mirrors the be ftp server.
    and if that was a western university we would have heared about it.
    unfortunately I can’t get on their website.

  37. karm Says:

    In Response To karm @ 01/31/2001 10:29:29 PM

    how stupid of me…

    …not to notice that it says “Osaka Electro-Communication University Classroom” below the pic…
    /me maybe should smoke less p*t…

  38. RRepster Says:

    well the facts are missing

    There is no proof given in the article that the eVilla does indeed and will use BeIA or BeOS or any product from BE! He makes the claim for it and states:
    “However, email them, and they will confirm that BeIA is still being used.”
    That’s not the job of the reader to do that’s the job of the AUTHOR of THIS article to DO to make his claim. Plus, his link to supposed “proof” on the be site to a partnership with Sony comes up a dud link.
    Due to these problems mentioned the article is pure speculation. However, the fact that Be’s share price is sooo low right now plus them loseing money hand over fist does indeed make them a target for buy out if their technology was worth it all their technology is useful for in the state its in now on a mass school is — let’s be honoest here– IA’s that’s it the OS still lacks way too much hardware support to be viable for the mass market, what I’m getting it as that the article yes did a build a very GOOD CASE for a theory that Sony could buy out Be so they don’t have to use the pathetic Windows CE and continue their slavery to Gates but there isn’t enough evidence in the story to support the claim that they would indeed do that.

  39. Buck Says:

    In Response To karm @ 01/31/2001 08:32:40 AM

    Re: Secret message on Steve Sakomans CodyCam?

    This Codycam thing reminded me of Radiohead’s enigma and i-blips and new album rumors and whatever else… oh well, must be a good sign anyway. But can somebody just post these Codycam pictures so that others can see?

  40. NewBe Says:

    In Response To Brent P. Newhall @ 01/31/2001 10:13:28 AM

    Re: [No Subject]

    JLG owns about 11% of the stock.
    Intel owns about 8%
    Some other investment firm owns about 6%.
    This is from the NASDAQ site, which is linked from be.com

  41. Jim Duggan Says:

    In Response To RRepster @ 02/01/2001 00:49:49 AM

    Re: well the facts are missing

    The e Villa web-site used to state that the e Villa uses BeIA. The reference has now been removed. That is why you need to mail them. If you don’t want to, just go to www.be.com and look in the news section. It also states that the e Villa uses BeIA. Many other news sites such as ZDnet also state this fact. It is also backed up by the fact that there was a picture of the e Villa at www.sakoman.com/codycam for quite some time. In other words, this is a *fact*, unless Sony suddenly decided to use RISC OS/NC OS or something. Heh :)

    Also, the link “comes up a dud link” because just before this article was posted on BeNews, employees of Be were sent it’s content by someone at BeNews, and the link was ‘fudged’. Check the comment boards on BeNews for more details, as many other people have seen the link too. There is also a link to the Sony logo mentioned on the message boards; maybe that is still there, or maybe it has been pulled too.

    The Register also checked the link, since they made reference to it in the article. The Register posted the article around the same time as Benews/Be Inc. were notified.

    The main *facts* in the article, corroborated by various links in the article are:
    1) Sony will go into the OS business, thereby competing with Microsoft.
    2) Sony will go into the chip business, thereby competing with Intel.

    The main points of *speculation* in the article are:
    1) Sony will buy Be.
    2) Sony will build a new OS based on BeOS instead of building one from scratch.

    This speculation is given some credence by the *fact* that Sony and Be have been working together etc, and all the other points mentioned in the Article (under no.6 I think).
    Also, it is given futher credence by the way that employees of Be have been acting after the article was posted, namely the pictures appearing on CodyCam, and changing the link name to _hidden__link.html (or something like this - see the Benews messageboards for more details), just to play with us. :)

    Get it now? :)

  42. RRepster Says:

    In Response To Jim Duggan @ 02/01/2001 09:10:54 AM

    Re: well the facts are missing

    Hi Jim,

    those reasons make sense plus the fact that the story originated as just a well thought out post and not originally intended to become a piece of journalism clears the writer of the need to back up his facts and theories.

    The speculation that Sony could buy Be introduces us BeOS lovers to an interesting dilemna — Do we want that to happen? And what would it do to the OS? My theory is the OS would die, it would become an OS available ONLY on Sony equipment, particularly BeIA. If they were indeed to buy it then we BeOS lovers would NEED to buy as many copies of BeOS R5 RIGHT NOW and would need to hound Be to produce BeOS R5 as Open Source so that it may continue to be available or else it will basically die leaving us with Windows or Linux.

  43. mlk Says:

    In Response To mlk @ 01/31/2001 4:26:26 PM

    Re: [No Subject]

    just to add something,
    JLG was cool about apple buying Be… Why not sony?

  44. H-kon Says:

    In Response To RRepster @ 02/01/2001 5:41:22 PM

    Re: well the facts are missing

    I think you are a little too pessimistic. If SONY got themselves a perfect OS for their needs, i’d think that it would be used as a development OS for their EE machines until the time it would be ready to launch this new architecture.

    BeOS would problaby be alive an well as it is today, no need to kill off a community that can help SONY right?

    I think if i am right, and SONY eventually launches this EE architecture, you’ll find BeOS there, only that it wouldn’t be recognizable that easilly due to the heavy development SONY would throw on such an oppurtunity to snuff Intel/Microsoft at the same time.

  45. PieterPan Says:

    Silence before the storm?

    Hmm, quiet weekend… maybe its silence before the storm? Kinda got that feeling of clouds of change coming!

    Maybe it’s time for a new BeOS release? Or are there obvious dates coming up soon for shocking updates?


  46. sadistic_mystic Says:

    I hate sony

    I hate Sony. I hate their stupid memory stick, I hate their proprietary way of doing business. I hate their cute little VAIO systems made out of cheap plastic. I hate what they did with BetaMax. I hate what they did with MiniDiscs (making them cost prohibitive) I hate the playstation and how they made it hard to program for and get good results. I hate that they are trying their hardest to replace PC’s with “user-stupid” sorts of solutions trying to make the PC into a toaster. And most of all, I hate their attitude. (That everyone should do everything using THEIR components) And especially how the president of Sony wants to dumb things down as much as possible for the end user so no one ever knows how to do anything Sony doesn’t approve of (listen to Mp3’s or copy movies for your personal backups) According to law fair use is fair use.

    In summary, “A computer is a canvas, not a toaster.”

  47. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To sadistic_mystic @ 02/05/2001 7:13:05 PM

    Re: I hate sony

    Well… i guess them buying Be would be a /bad/ thing then, eh? :P Seriously, if sony pushed BeOS as an open OS against windows, and let other vendors use it with a license from them, it would rule. Especially if sony pc’s used it also.If anyone could create the next BeBox, it would be sony… and i think they would be smart enough to actually distribute BeOS as well, if they wanted to conquer microsoft. BeOS Dual Emotion Engine PC Sony Media Hardware == Cool.

  48. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 02/05/2001 9:55:13 PM

    Re: I hate sony

    Damn. Loosing the line returns is what you get when you post with newer commenting code than everyone else. :P Anyway, bug was found. Maybe this post will let me test the fix. but doubtful.

  49. GrammarNazi Says:

    In Response To RRepster @ 02/01/2001 00:49:49 AM

    Consider the use of a period.

    They go over this in elementary school, so I know you’ve covered it in class.

  50. therandthem Says:

    In Response To sadistic_mystic @ 02/05/2001 7:13:05 PM

    Re: I hate sony

    Last time I checked, the casing on my Vaio laptop was titanium. And in light of digital media, I could care less about the history of analog tape. In terms of miniDisc, Sony has always supported CD-R. Sony just wants to make a buck and balances that desire with customer demand. They are a fine company compared to the others.

  51. Jeff Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 02/05/2001 9:55:13 PM

    Re: I hate sony

    BeOS and Sony. How many other computer makers would
    follow? GateBEway,DellBE,IBMBE,ComBEpac.go mainstream-go Sony

  52. IamBobDole Says:

    Hmm… Maybe Mr. Popovic is a psychic…

    I happened across this article from BeDope… Coincidence? I think not.


  53. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To sadistic_mystic @ 02/05/2001 7:13:05 PM

    Re: I hate sony

    Yes, CD’s are completely proprietary. Just look at what MS is doing. Wouldn’t it be nice not to live under an OS dictatorship.

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