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Haiku Alpha 1 Proposals are selected

by @ 2:34 pm on 9/23/2008. Filed under Haiku

Voting has closed on the Haiku Alpha 1 Proposals and the results are in. Accepted were proposals to fix all known data corruption bugs, finish swap file support, fully integrate an I/O scheduler, fix up the ata driver to be able to set it as the default bus manager, and to create the much talked about gcc2/gcc4 hybrid. Rejected, and by rejected we just mean that it was not picked as a “blocker” for getting Alpha 1 released, were live updating, creating a welcome package, and adding a read-ahead feature. These could still be added if they are ready in time, but they aren’t to be a holdup on the release either. As for what software we’ll see in the Alpha, the development tools will come already installed (seeing as this release is aimed at getting developer interest this is a good thing), also to be included are Firefox (Bon Echo?), Vision, Wonderbrush (custom unlocked Haiku only verison), BePDF, CVS, Subversion, Pe, Yasm. Rejected was having a Webkit based browser, Git, and MDR with SSL. Again these could be added to the Alpha but are not to hold it up if they aren’t ready yet and everything else is. Also rejected was the package manager from TiltOS, “box”. This is a handy thing to have, without having anyone sign up for it to make sure it was ready for “prime-time” it got 0 votes.
The majority selected to have the Alpha available as a CD image, an image for emulators (vmware and QEMU perhaps others?), and an image for live USB flash devices.
A couple items tied and further discussion will be held on those items. Target release date for Haiku Alpha 1 is still a TBD, but it now appears it will be Real Soon Now.

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