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Another Web Browser for Haiku

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Posted by:Yez on Monday, 23 Jun, 2008 @ 8:18 AM
General News

Choice is always a good thing. Soon, Haiku users will have at least two solid choices for web browsing. ICO was informed that there is a BeOS/Haiku port of NetSurf in the works. According to their site, “NetSurf is a free, open source web browser. It is written in C and released under the GNU Public Licence version 2. NetSurf has its own layout and rendering engine entirely written from scratch. It is small and capable of handling many of the web standards in use today.” That sounds great. For specific build instructions for Haiku, you can read over this page.

3 Responses to “Another Web Browser for Haiku”

  1. eddie Says:

    I emailed for a Zeta version and was informed that they only have a Risco version for D/L.

  2. alban Says:

    I have used the RISCOS version and it is quick on systems that really can not run Firefox at all. This snappiness will be a good fit for BEOS which also tends to run on older machines these days.

  3. Web Browser Says:

    This is good for Haiku! i like it and it is working :)

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