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Haiku Community Shows True Colors

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Posted by:Yez on Saturday, 31 May, 2008 @ 8:19 AM

Several weeks ago Jorge Mare(aka Koki) wanted to see if the Haiku Community would scrape together some money to sponsor some of the students that were interested in coding for Haiku but didn’t make it into the Google Summer of Code.  The Haiku Community responded with an incredible showing.  Over $7500(USD) was collected and will now go to sponsor four more students to code for Haiku this summer.  The details about the students and their projects can be found here.  A big “Thank You” goes out to Koki for coming up with this great idea and making it a reality.  Another huge “Thank You” goes out to the Haiku Community in showing your continued support of this fantastic project!

4 Responses to “Haiku Community Shows True Colors”

  1. Koki Says:

    I would like to make on clarification: as much as I would like to take credit, the Haiku Code Drive was not my idea. The proposal actually came from the Haiku GSoC mentors; I just articulated it to the community. :)

  2. edge Says:

    err Haiku currently has no IPC API?? (FYI- no i’ve not looked at the code in ages)

    It says S. Benedetto is going to BFS stress-test, and so needs bonnie++, and therefor IPC.

    For the record IPC support in BeOS R5 is *nearly* complete - it just isn’t exported/exposed anywhere. In my tests and porting several years ago, there were only a couple missing implementation calls of the several “most commonly used” functions that were not implemented (it is very similar to the old *BSD code it uses [which should be obvious LOL]).

    While this may not affect a large number of existing applications, it is both a useful feature and a low-level requirement for *nix progs with specific needs. I needed to use the existing IPC support in R5 when porting XFCE to BeOS.

    If anyone is actually interested in the specifics, you can contact me via email.


  3. Koki Says:

    @edge: where can one contact you?

  4. edge Says:

    BeGroovy knows ;)
    hardedged ///.{([at])}.\\\ excite /.\ com
    Sorry for the obfuscation, but I have a spam problem.
    If there are issues contacting me there, I can provide an alternate address.

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