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Another Z bites the Dust

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Posted by:Deej on Monday, 25 Feb, 2008 @ 9:52 AM
BlueEyed OS

Well, chalk one more ended post-BeOS project up for Bernd…

Bernd and the Zebuntu Team decided to go different ways. This has some consequences to Zebuntu.
The next Beta version will be shipped with a new icon and window theme.
The development of the BeOS Compatibility Layer and integration therefor is now freezed.

Not much a reason to switch if it’s just for the look. You probably won’t see anymore posts here about Bernd or Z*. Thanks for the head’s up BeJay. :)

10 Responses to “Another Z bites the Dust”

  1. citi Says:

    I really can’t understand how people can fall for “plans” coming from somebody who has a well known track record of unfulfilled promises. Zebuntu was never worth of even mentioning on this or any BeOS-related site. I got banned for saying this on haikuware.com, so I hope you don’t mind if I say me “I told you so” here. :)

  2. H-kon Says:

    Not surprising really. I wonder what he is going to do next.

    Deej - Where is the forum? :)

  3. Deej Says:

    I don’t know… haven’t had a chance to look at it yet. Rebuild of the site was to begin soon, so I don’t know if Yez was doing anything with it. I’ll try to look into it this weekend.

  4. citi Says:

    My comment is still in moderation while others are being published. Am I banned here too?

  5. Deej Says:

    Sorry, hadn’t checked the moderation queue for a while, due to a personal issue that came up last week. You are definitely NOT banned here, and should be good now, as now that you have been approved, your posts should start showing up without any moderation necessary (which is why H-kon and myself can post comments right away). ;)

  6. citi Says:

    Thanks Deej! Gotta love freedom of speech. ;)

  7. H-kon Says:

    Freedom of speech is important :) BeGroovy has always had an open mind for as long as i can remember :) Almost 9 years. Great jebus how time flies!

  8. H-kon Says:

    Crap! Almost 10 years.

    We need a posting party for that event!

  9. Deej Says:

    This Nov … we turn 10!!! Jesus, H-kon, has it really been a decade since we did the first version of this site?!?!

  10. H-kon Says:

    10 years! #2 on the oldest BeOS site too i guess after BeBits.

    /me dons partyhat! toot!

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