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What news sites to you watch?

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Posted by:Ryan on Thursday, 25 Jan, 2001 @ 9:31 AM

Ok… this isnt forum news, but the icon is cool, so cope. I have heard that one of the news ticker style proggies are gonna be getting an update soon, and the developer wants to know what sites you would like it to cover. Basically any site with headlines: Be, tech, entertainment, sports, whatever. BeDope stuff is good too.. Now please don’t think that this means any time a dev needs some info i am gonna post a news item asking y’all… I am just very curious about this myself, seeing as I run a website with sidebar potential… ;)

33 Responses to “What news sites to you watch?”

  1. Little Grey Says:

    News sites…

    Here are some of the news sites I tend to frequent…

    New Scientist
    Scientific American
    Maximum PC

    New Scientist always has fun articles to read :)

  2. Tony Says:

    Ars Technica

    Ars Technica is a wonderful site for tech news - very professional and entertaining at the same time. As an added bonus, they often have positive things to say about BeOS.

  3. DaaT Says:

    [No Subject]

    mmmm… Voodooextreme.com’s a great site, lots of info.

    For tech, how about Tom’s hard where? :)


  4. GoodOldGames Says:

    Emulation News from http://www.emuhq.com


    I would like to get the latest emulation news from



  5. Kart Says:

    Make it configurable

    One of the annoying things with News Hound and News Ticker is that you’re stuck with the news sites it comes with. XML isn’t that hard… make it configurable!

    I want to be able to tell my News app to watch http://foo.com and grab the news using some template I cooked up or that the site provided.

    Anyhow, I like:
    - RootPrompt.org
    - TheRegister.co.uk
    - Deadly.org
    - NASAWatch.com
    - SpaceRef.com
    - memepool.com
    - misterpants.com

  6. Zippy Says:

    I’m agreeable to…

    Ars Technica (http://www.arstechnica.com) and The Register (http://www.theregister.co.uk), though I’m not sure how one could glean a summary of top news from The Reg pages. Slashdot would be a good — though angst-ridden — choice. :)

    The Tech Report (http://www.tech-report.com) is underrated, though it would be a toss up between them and Tom’s Hardware if I chose betweeen the two. TechWeb (http://www.techweb.com) for the IT flavor and CNET’s News.com are general computer tech sites I visit from time to time.

    Salon, CNN, and BBC Online keep my Net reading habits from being purely technically-oriented. And the Sci-Fi Wire (http://www.scifi.com/scifiwire), for my habit…

  7. Recovering Alcoholic Says:

    Fav news sites


  8. Filmmaker Says:

    More news sites


    And yeah, some sort of XML or plugin extensibility would be great.

  9. tminos Says:

    hey hey here they are…

    Slashdot, Foxnews, The Onion, 32 bits online are frequented often.

  10. Grijns Says:


    bebits, begroovy, benews and offcourse www.tweaekrs.net ( a dutch techie site with great news each day ! )

  11. Grijns Says:

    In Response To Grijns @ 01/25/2001 3:25:05 PM

    oops that should be www.tweakers.net

    yep i messed up :D

  12. Teancom Says:

    My fav sites

    slashdot, benews, arstechnica, in that order. I get my daily dose of angst and teenage hormones from the /. comments, then I head quickly over to benews hoping for a screaming headline, like “BONE AND OPENGL RELEASED! BOY ARE MY FEET COLD!”, then swing by arstechnica for some good old tech loving.

  13. Permanganate Says:

    [No Subject]

    It’s gotta be, in no order:

    The Onion
    The Economist
    Tom’s Hardware
    Storage Review

  14. Stephen van Egmond Says:

    my sites

    The contents of my current slashdot slashboxes:

    wired news

    I would add to this (if I could):

  15. NorseLord Says:

    news.com, of course

    Where can you get better “headline news” than from news.com (C|Net)?

  16. bequick Says:

    [No Subject]

    i’d like to see:
    wired news
    begroovy (ofcourse)
    nasdaq beos stocks
    bebits software (max last 15 entries)


  17. chuck Says:

    [No Subject]

    Slashdot (headlines only!!!)
    The Register
    Ars Technica
    Last but never least the usual “suspects” - i.e. BeGroovy ;) , BeNews, BeOSJournal, Beforever, BeOSCentral, LeBuzz & thegreenboard (forum but I get some news there.)

  18. Rapture In Venice Says:

    In Response To Kart @ 01/25/2001 10:49:41 AM

    Re: Make it configurable

    Ummm…sorry, but NewsTicker *is* completely user configurable. :)

  19. LeftTurn Says:


    Lets see, MSNBC :P Just kidding! Ouch ouch ouch…

    BeGroovy,BeNews, how about Be.com?

    Ars Technica

  20. Kyuzo Says:

    Some to consider…

    www.theonion.com — Not adding this one is a crime

  21. Ores Says:


    its not just a nin news thing, they cover anything related to the nothing label, and i would love to have this on a news ticker

  22. Kurt Says:

    News sites…

    I dunno… definitely www.drudgereport.com (can’t live without my yellow journalism :) …maybe www.benews.com (so I’ll know when they release BeOS 6) …maybe something from www.linuxnews.com… I dunno…just my suggestions…

  23. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To Kurt @ 01/26/2001 09:18:24 AM

    Re: News sites…

    heh… we at begroovy have a strict policy of not posting news related to new beos releases. So yeah, benews may be important.

    note: this is total sarcasm. :P
    note #2: benews was taken as obvious, and will be a future sidebar on begroovy… probably. ;)

  24. Jeff Says:

    News sites

    Be inc
    Be journal
    le buzz

  25. Kart Says:

    In Response To Rapture In Venice @ 01/25/2001 11:23:50 PM

    Always Bending the Truth

    No, NewsTicker is not configurable.

    Suppose I want NewsTicker to grab content from an arbitrary url that I defined, using my OWN template that tells it how to parse the xml or html at a given url–

    NewsTicker CAN’T DO THAT. Sorry, but it’s not configurable. You have to ask Rapture in Venice to add stuff for you.

    NewsTicker IS rather flexible, and has a large selection of pre-configured sites.

    If you want some arbitrary website to be supported in NewsTicker, you have to email jblanco@uswest.net and ASK him to specifically add the capability. It doesn’t matter if you’re the webmaster or just an interested site visitor, you HAVE to email John and specifically ASK HIM TO ADD IT.

    There is a HUGE difference between a ticker that is configurable by the USER, and one that requires direct intervention from the DEVELOPER HIMSELF.

    I must reiterate that for the vast majority of people who do not have access to the NewsTicker source, NewsTicker is NOT CONFIGURABLE.

  26. koko64 Says:

    Shell site

    Apart from the one’s mentioned, I often go to:


    Its mainly for Win32 shells such as Litestep but every so often BeOS get’s mentioned such as what recent apps came out for it but nothing that we couldn’t get from the usual Be news sites.


    Lots of skins here and news updates on the front page. Mostly relating to Windows skinnable apps. Although CL-Amp does have its own section (well - it’s a link to the WinAmp section).

  27. Kart Says:

    In Response To Rapture In Venice @ 01/25/2001 11:23:50 PM

    Configurable– actually, YES (partially)

    Home users CAN make configure NewsTicker up to a point, although it won’t work for all sites.

    You can parse a given url for two fixed strings (no regular expressions), one of which signifies the beginning of the headline, the other signifies the end of the headline.

    This method will work most of the time :) It’s better than nothing but it’s not foolproof.

    For example, to grab headlines from memepool.com add this to NewsTicker_System_websites:


    Memepool is nice enough to use `’ instead of `’ after each headline, so it makes a useable flag for the ending of each headline.

    The beginning of each headline is harder to catch. You have to match the whole string or else NewsTicker will also catch the menu at the very top.

    I’ll admit that NewsTicker is sort of configurable but it’s not quite foolproof with uncooperative sites. Oh well.

    Perhaps in future versions NewsTicker could check regular expressions instead of fixed strings. Maybe allow users’ scripts to run, instead of just looking for beginnning and ending patters… Suppose (just for a weird example) I wanted to count the number of times the word “the” appears on benews.com’s front page. It’s not terribly complicated, but you can’t currently do that. It’s not a big deal though.

    Also, I noticed that NewsTicker doesn’t remember my settings each time I restart it.

  28. Kart Says:

    In Response To Kart @ 01/26/2001 7:17:34 PM

    guh.. speaking of bad parsing, begroovy messed that up ^

    The new lines should be:

    <td align=”left” bgcolor=”#dddddd” width=”500″ valign=”center”><font color=”#000000″ face=”Arial,helvetica”>
    <br />

    and the previous post should say that memepool uses <br /> instead of <br/> only after their headlines.

    BeGroovy may choke on this again. if you see ampersands and semicolons, just imagine angle brackets instead ;)

  29. Raf Says:

    Support for Proxy-Servers


    I would like to see a ‘newsticker-like’ app that supports Proxy-Servers. I have to use a proxy-server while surfing the web, and this is not supported by NewsHound and NewsTicker :-(

    Greetings, Raf.

  30. Raf Says:



    So that I can see what they’re playing on the BeOS Radio (without having to use BeOSRadio-Probe).

  31. Eric Says:

    maccentral and Macnn

    enough said

  32. jared Says:

    the register

    i read 2 sites everyday. ArsTechnica was mentioned above, and theregister.co.uk

    put both of those sites in a newsreader, and i’ll use it.

  33. H-kon Says:

    [No Subject]


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