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WalterCon Cancelled

by @ 9:25 pm on 7/24/2007. Filed under Haiku

It seems that there just wasn’t enough folk planning on attending. The official word is out on the mailing list. Haiku’s annual conference, WalterCon, just isn’t gonna happen this year. Bummer… well, here’s to next year’s – which should have twice the content, and twice the fun! 😉

UPDATE: For those of you who have non-refundable plans to head to San Francisco, Bryan Varner has thrown together an impromptu event he is referring to as FalterCon 2007. Essentially, the money you spent on plane tickets will not go to waste.

2 Responses to “WalterCon Cancelled”

  1. Jonathan B. Thompson says:

    For that to all happen, people need…. at least twice the notice!

    That’s really the biggest problem involved: people can’t always make commitments with

  2. BryanV says:

    Since WatlerCon is dead and some of us are stuck with plane tickets,

    We’ve decided to hold FalterCon instead.

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