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Perilous Posting Pertaining the Pepper Port

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Posted by:Ryan on Monday, 22 Jan, 2001 @ 6:22 PM
Submitted News

Ok… everyone and their uncle’s roommate has submitted the fact that Peppers Port is in trouble.. apparently Martin Hekkelman got a job and doesn’t have time finish the mostly finished port of Pepper. So he is offering the position to someone else. Apparently there are a few issues, but they could be resolved within a few weeks. You can read more on his website, or email him. If any dev’s have some free time, this is pretty worthy, considering its close to release. Who knows, you may even get a cut of the action on sales. I think I will just stick to Eddie. hmm… Eddie vs. Pe == vi vs. emacs? :)

4 Responses to “Perilous Posting Pertaining the Pepper Port”

  1. ultrabe Says:


    I’d be interested in Pepper but I feel cheated by not being offered an upgrade after I paid “a mere $50″ for Pe a few mere months ago!

  2. IAmWhoIHam Says:

    In Response To ultrabe @ 01/22/2001 7:19:11 PM


    …perhaps you will be offered an upgrade if Pepper for BeOS gets finished!

    (I too paid $50 for Pe when it came out for x86.)

  3. Tasslehoff Says:

    In Response To ultrabe @ 01/22/2001 7:19:11 PM

    Re: Forgetaboutit

    I also paid for Pe a long time ago. We weren’t really swamped with updates in those years, right? Nevertheless I am quite happy with my editor.
    But considering Maarten’s record of continual leaving and coming back to the BeOS and now looking for another dev to finish the BeOS port of Pepper, I wouldn’t feel comfortable in updating to Pepper. What if Maarten decides to once again leave BeOS after grabbing my money?
    I’m sorry, but I cannot trust someone that cannot state a longterm commitment and stand by it.

  4. WattsM Says:

    In Response To ultrabe @ 01/22/2001 7:19:11 PM

    Re: Forgetaboutit

    This would be more of a concern if you were right, but with all due respect, you appear to be blowing smoke out of your butt. There’s a discount for registered Pe owners who buy Pepper for MacOS, and I see nothing on Hekkelman’s website which indicates he didn’t have the intention of continuing that for the BeOS port.

    Personally, I wish I knew enough C to offer my help in getting the port done–or, failing that, that Maarten finds enough time around his job to finish the port despite his current predicted inability to do so. I’m personally more comfortable in Pe/Pepper than I am in Eddie, and I’m not too worried about the prospect of future lack of development–provided that the editor is reasonably extensible without resorting to writing your own C plug-ins. Pepper is ahead of Pe in that respect., and Pe is–at least in my experience–a bit ahead of Eddie in that respect. (Pepper is substantially ahead of Eddie as a smart code-centric HTML editor.)

    And, I really haven’t seen Eddie getting substantial updates. There’s a beta more recent than the one on BeBits, but I suspect the primary work on it is the port to GNOME, and there won’t be any new Eddie features beyond simple bugfixes in the near term.

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