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JLG Denounces Zeta (update) - Purplus Follows Magnussoft

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Posted by:Deej on Wednesday, 11 Apr, 2007 @ 8:36 AM

As posted on other sites, our ex-fearless leader has denounced yellowTab of ever holding any license for modification and distribution of Be Intellectual Property whilst JLG sat on the board of directors at PalmSource. Considering that, and the fact that JLG lead Be, Inc., I’d say that we have confirmation of the legality of Zeta throughout the entire chain of IP movement, from Be to PalmSource to Access.

UPDATE: It seems that this “post” is old - 2004 old.  It was before the meeting between Palmsource and Bernd.
And in a similar announcement as Magnussoft from Purplus, I got this in my mail this morning:

Dear Zeta fans and Purplus Customers,

Based on your previous interest in Zeta and BeOS, you must now be aware of some of the recent issues now facing Zeta OS. Unfortunately since, Magnusoft has ceased distrubution of Zeta, consequently, Purplus, as the authorized U.S. Zeta reseller, has had to do the same. Meanwhile, a small remainder of Zeta titles currently in our inventory are being liquidated at or below cost.

Please visit our website if you’re interested in the last units available :


Thanks - Purplus Inc.

That should about close this chapter…

4 Responses to “JLG Denounces Zeta (update) - Purplus Follows Magnussoft”

  1. Deej Says:

    Just as a note… I was just there and ordered Zeta 1.5… they haven’t actually removed it just yet. We’ll see if it actually ships.


  2. Deej Says:

    Didn’t work… “out of stock” email came in later for Zeta 1.5… so you can’t still try to get it.

  3. tknospdr Says:

    Right, cause JLG is still making so much money from BeOS. Jeez, give it a rest man. You drove your company into the ground and I mourn it’s passing, but why stymie someone else from picking up the pieces.

  4. 5038 Says:

    We still have OBOS or Haiku or whatever the name is this week, sounds like time to get crackin with it and get us a viable and up-to-date BeOS!

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