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The End of the Second Era

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Posted by:Deej on Monday, 02 Apr, 2007 @ 4:19 PM

So, if you haven’t spotted it on IsComputerOn or BeOS News, Bernd has officially closed of the Second era of BeOS commercialism (Be, Inc., and BeOS, being the obvious first) - Zeta is no more. Bernd’s post sounds like it was harder to write than my own closing at beunited, and I’m sad to see all his hard efforts seemingly all for not. Bernd is checking the legal ability to release some of the source code to the community, to help preserve the advances made there.

BeGroovy wishes Bernd, and all of the remaining developers of Zeta, best wishes and good luck on any future endeavours.

UPDATE: Well, as if to pop a couple of caps in the dying carcass… Access has publicly stated that they have no knowledge of any license by yellowTab to modify the source of BeOS or any for distribution of said OS, and that Bernd/yellowTab, despite cease and desist orders, has yet to provide proof of such license.  Adding to the heat, Magnussoft has announced the cease of distribution of Zeta 1.21.  Talk about the flame wars on OS News.

7 Responses to “The End of the Second Era”

  1. Simon (tb100) Says:

    Bernd was really given a hard time of it for his attempts with Zeta, which is a shame as he was obviously putting a lot of effort in to continue the BeOS dream. Unfortunately I always felt it was doomed from the start - the gap between BeOS at the time he took it up and other commercial platforms (mainly in terms of application availability really) was just too great.

    However I wasn’t really a fan of the direction Zeta was moving in, and I hope the entire community can now focus on Haiku and really make an effort to preserve the BeOS spirit in that OS as we move forward.


    ps: Deej, none of your links in articles seem to work for me here (ff 2/win) - they are blue underlined, but the cursor stays as the I-beam and clicking has no effect. Also, do you mean OSNews rather than BeOS News?

  2. Deej Says:

    Actually, I meant BeOSNews.com…

    Yeah, I know the links aren’t working anymore. :( Haven’t been able to figure out why. Gonna upgrade Wordpress in the near future and see if that fixes the problem.

  3. Yez Says:

    Uh, Deej I don’t mean to burst your bubble but I think it is your account that will not allow you to create proper hyperlinks in the articles. I just “edited” (opened and saved) your last two articles and the hyperlinks work just fine now.

  4. Deej Says:

    Hmmm, that might explain why in earlier articles they did work… I tried to figure out why they didn’t, and after saving again, they worked. :/

  5. SVGUY Says:

    You can still pick up last copies of Zeta from Purplus.com


  6. Jonathan Thompson Says:

    Everyone that has a Zeta 1.5 CD now can rest easy in knowing they have a collector’s item, though it’s likely it won’t work on new machines 5 years from now, but the consolation prize is that likely Haiku will.

  7. Yez Says:

    Hey Jonathan, I noticed that your email address links to “The Official Project X Website.” So, how far along is Project X? When will we see the first beta of that incredible Haiku IDE? BTW, I bookmarked the site so don’t worry about un-linking it from your BeGroovy name!

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