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Max V4 in Beta

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Posted by:Deej on Wednesday, 21 Mar, 2007 @ 10:59 AM
General News

BeOS 5 PE Max Edition Version 4 Beta 1 is on the streets… you can see the development log here, as well as download it from here. I’m getting a whopping 4K/sec right now, so the word is out that it’s out. I’ve shot Vasper an email to ask to temporarily mirror it here at BeGroovy as well to help out with the bandwidth…

7 Responses to “Max V4 in Beta”

  1. Deej Says:

    For those interested in downloading it… you can grab it at www.begroovy.info/downloads. However, I will be monitoring the bandwidth usage, and if it gets too far up there, it will be removed. So, first come first served. ;)


  2. Deej Says:

    Make sure you remove that ‘.’ at the end of the url… wordpress didn’t recognize that was the end of the sentence and not part of the url.


  3. Greg Says:

    Ever since I got a Gigabyte GA-7N400 Pro2 mainboard I’ve never been able to boot max v3.1 or any developer edition, so I’ve got doughts weather to download max v4.
    The only beos distros that work are: Zeta (works well) and Phos versions (not very well).
    Is there anything that anyone knows that this max v4 will work. When I am booting with the beos’s that don’t work -can only boot to the middle icon (I think) and then it freezes with the hard drive activity light going all the time.

  4. lukesky Says:

    where is download file………..

  5. Deej Says:


    is the exact url

  6. vezhlys Says:

    I downloaded it, but the file was corrupted…

  7. Deej Says:

    From the begroovy.info url? I used that exact image and have it running in a VM session without issue. Try again?

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