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beunited apps to come to BeGroovy

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Posted by:Deej on Tuesday, 06 Mar, 2007 @ 11:58 AM

Many of you have heard the rumors… well, on the 4 year anniversary of this post, I decided that today was probably as good as any to announce our intentions of building a repository to hold the beunited source code from their CVS server.  We’ll also be glad to host other projects, new and old, active and forgotten.  We have already acquired the server space/bandwidth to do so… just a matter of me finding time to get SVN set up and running with the repositories imported.  beunited’s website will be archived on this same server as well, keeping it around for bookmarking’s sake.  Plus, I wanted to use the beunited category logo one last time.  :P
We have a couple of other ideas going on for new community features as well, as we rebuild everything once again.  Let us know (in the comments) if you’d like to see something in particular, or email me if you’d like to help (dj at begroovy).

2 Responses to “beunited apps to come to BeGroovy”

  1. Francesca Says:

    i’ve read your post just today, i hope i’m still in time.
    it’s been a couple of months since we first started working on www.osdrawer.net and we are thrilled to say that right now it’s working at 99% of its possibilities.
    There was absolutely no mean of entering anu competition, but we actually did start this website before knowing anything about yoour idea.
    Osdrawer is meant to be a network of services for Haiku community: we will have a repository SVN, with the possibility of having a forum, buglist, mailing list for every project.

    I sincerely hope we could start a cooperation as we have already contacted several persons.

    For whatever question you might have feel free to email me

    Francesca, osdrawer team

  2. Deej Says:

    Yes, I remember getting your email, but haven’t been able to find it to respond. I’ll email you about this. The catch is, I paid for a server that could support SVN (disk space, bandwidth, capability) before I had gotten your email… got to do something with it. ;)

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