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TeamHaiku.com up and running

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Posted by:Yez on Friday, 26 Jan, 2007 @ 2:57 PM

umccullough and Katisu have been hard at work putting together a fresh, new Team Haiku website and it is now up and running for your use. Head on over and check them out. Some quick notes: with the re-newing of TeamHaiku.com, TeamHaiku.org reports that they will be pointing you to TeamHaiku.com from now on and it appears that the TeamHaiku.com site is a little sluggish at the moment but I am sure that will me fixed soon as well. Have fun!

One Response to “TeamHaiku.com up and running”

  1. umccullough Says:

    Thanks for the news bite! :)

    Yes, it does appear to be sluggish on occasion, but we’re not sure why this is. Sikosis has been gracious enough to let us host it with his web hosting provider (same one that hosts sikosis.com and haikupodcast.com I believe). We will keep an eye on it and see what we can do.

    We have added MANY projects to our list, and we are already making some headway on getting updated DC clients for BeOS/Haiku! Keep an eye on the site for news, and please donate spare CPU cycles if you can! Our DC Vault rank has been increasing by leaps and bounds, and we’re starting to get some notoriety in the Distributed Computing community. We’ve even received encouraging words from at least one DC project leader who recognized and remembers BeOS, and would like to see Haiku thrive as well.


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