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Just a reminder

by @ 12:57 pm on 10/20/2006. Filed under Haiku

For those of you who have not paid attention to the rest of the community websites, WalterCon 2006 is a go in Orlando, FL. All of the details can be found here. Because of obligations on our end, none of the BeGroovy staff will be able to make it to this year’s WalterCon but we will be with you in spirit! If you do go and have some good pictures or stories to share, please let us know.

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  1. Sogabe says:

    Actually, all of the details can be found here:

  2. Barring some potential future employer informing me “You’ll only be able to work for us if you can start Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday” and pushing a wheelbarrow of cash at me, I’ll be there, as specified on the program.

    /me prays for the wheelbarrow of money and being able to start *after* WalterCon (got to keep up my computer hardware habit, right???)

  3. Technospider says:

    Is Haiku a big enough blip on the radar screen that they can afford to charge $125 just to attend? I saw the story and considered going since I live in Florida to see what has happened to my beloved BeOS since Be Inc. shat itself, but not for that kind of dough.

  4. umccullough says:

    That price includes one night hotel room charge also. If you do not need the hotel room, you can probably arrange different payment options.

    See here:

    Not sure if there’s still time to register, you’ll need to contact koki directly I suspect.

  5. You need to keep a some very important things in mind for WalterCon, though, Technospider:

    1. People need to stay somewhere overnight if they don’t have local places to keep people.

    2. It costs money (and often quite a bit) to rent a conference room large enough to be useful.

    3. Internet connectivity is not free, and it will be there at WalterCon again.

    4. T-shirts don’t grow on trees, and aren’t free, either!

    5. Places that are most workable for travel arrangements while also having suitable conference rooms are not available everywhere, and thus command a higher price.

    I suspect that once you do all the financial math, the conference is not remotely profitable for Haiku, Inc. because of all the associated costs, even with those in charge working for free to arrange all of this on their time. I’m not aware of any hostels in the US: that’s not the way things work here, even if they do in Europe. And personally, I wouldn’t want to keep my valuables in a place I couldn’t lock up personally, and I wouldn’t want to stay awake the entire time, either.

    They could perhaps make things cheaper if they could guarantee the hotel a large number of people would attend: the funny thing is that the lack of economies of scale may contribute to the costs scaring people off from taking advantage of the economies of scale.

    But in the much larger picture, the $125 is a small portion of the cost for most people in the US just to get there, just because most people aren’t within cheap driving range, and the bus would take too much time (it *is* cheaper than driving or flying, if you can stand being on that long each way and take off the time, if your time has no value) and airline tickets cost quite a bit with a wide variation. I’m one of the more extreme distance travelers this time, flying from Seattle to Orlando, and the conference registration cost is not that large of a fraction of the cost (about 25% of the airline ticket, coach) of attending for me.

  6. Yez says:

    Hey Techno, great to see you are still with us. The $125 reg fee includes a night at the hotel. Since you live there and don’t need the room, you may be able to ask nicely and have the cost of the room removed from your reg fees. That may make for a substantially smaller reg fee.

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