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BeGroovy is Back!!!

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Posted by:Ryan on Monday, 13 Nov, 2000 @ 12:00 AM
Site News

After several weeks of downtime due to problems on our previous server, and lots of lost data, BeGroovy is BACK! We have completely rebuilt the site from scratch using PHP and mySQL, on our very own brand new dedicated server from site5. We have recreated most of our old major features, and a few new ones.

When we originally went down, we had already made several attempts at developing BeGroovy 2.0 in php and sql, as BeGroovy 1.0 was falling apart. Because of our experience trying to hold a bunch of hacked together perl scripts up, we were focused on creating a flexible and unified system for 2.0. That is what we did.

With the help of several very generous people, we were able to rebuild BeGroovy relatively quickly, and to our standards of quality.

Without them, this site would probably be down forever.

Before I explain a bit of what’s new in BeGroovy, I want to take time to thank a few of the key players in helping make BeGroovy 2.0 a reality.

While that is the short short list of people who have helped, there are many many many more who i didnt mention because I either forgot, or just because i am tired and want to launch this thing. Thanks to all of you. If you really think you should be on this list, email me. I probably just forgot.

After all that, I have to thank everyone else in the community. I received TONS of emails along the way encouraging me to keep going. I recieved an AMAZING response to my call for volunteers, and I plan to start replying to applicants really soon now… honest.

I will update this article later with a discussion of a few of the new features of BeGroovy. In the meantime, explore, and let me know if you find any bugs, so i can fix em ASAP. Thanks again for your support, and Welcome to BeGroovy!!

30 Responses to “BeGroovy is Back!!!”

  1. Sean Graham Says:

    welcome back!

    Glad to see you guys are back! Now for some friendly competition….



  2. The Stub Programmer Says:

    Nice job!

    Very nice site, with a nice new look. The old site used too many tables, but this is verry smooth.

  3. MouseDown Says:

    Aww yeah!

    Congratulations Nutcase! Keep up the great work!

  4. Chrome75 Says:


    oooyeah!:) first post:)
    Nice work on the site.

  5. El-Al Says:

    In Response To MouseDown @ 11/13/2000 04:09:51 AM

    Re: Aww yeah!

    well…knock me down with a feather!

    Excellent….great to have BeGroovy back.

  6. H-kon Says:

    Great to see BeGroovyback!

    Damn! this is just too damn cool!

    Congrats and i welcome you back as the finest BeOS site out there! Go kick some ass!

    I’ll be your local forum bitch!

  7. Powelly Says:

    Evil Plot

    Hmmm, BeGroovy is back (yay!), and the same day I can’t access BeNews…
    Perhaps they saw the new site and gave up. ;-)

  8. Eugenia Says:

    In Response To Powelly @ 11/13/2000 06:14:47 AM

    Re: Evil Plot

    Or just because the Jane’s motherboard (Jane is the name of the BeNews server) doesn’t power ON again.. :P

  9. Werner Says:


    Can’t say more: Just wow! cool! great to have you back! :-)

  10. *** Ben Says:

    Welcome back

    Welcome back guys. This is a pretty cool site I like to frequent. Thanks for the Gobe article as well.

    *** Ben

  11. Pieter Says:


    What else can I say guys: AWESOME work! I checked back so often to see whether you guys were back, you guys are awesome!!

    Sorry for BeNews that they’re down now ;) Just kidding. I hope Jane (Their server) can get out of the hospital soon.

    This is just so COOL! (Groovy?)


  12. Digger Says:


    We’ve missed you guys. Glad to have you back.
    I love the ‘any key’ cartoon strip..very funny.

    Is this site run/hosted/programmed 100% in BeOS?


  13. voidref Says:

    Fast and easy on the eyes.. awww yea.

    The news site looks scheweet. And it loads fast too. I don’t know if that is the hosting, or the highly optomized HTML that Nutacse slaved over for months, but it all works very well.

    OK, one thing: How do I change that clock at the right so it does not show me EST?

  14. Ruprect Says:

    In Response To MouseDown @ 11/13/2000 04:09:51 AM


    Looks awesome, Nutcase!

  15. Zaranthos Says:

    In Response To Digger @ 11/13/2000 09:49:57 AM

    Re: Congrats-

    I don’t think this is done with 100% BeOS. It is done 100% FOR BeOS though. :)

    Nutcase is this on some kind of *nix server?

  16. Zaranthos Says:

    In Response To voidref @ 11/13/2000 10:01:17 AM

    Re: Fast and easy on the eyes.. awww yea.

    It’s in your user settings. You can change the time there.

  17. Zaranthos Says:

    Suggestion for ‘el Nutcase

    First let me say “GREAT JOB”!!! This ROCKZ!!!

    One suggestion for the forums. Could use some spacing between posts. Hmm, looks much better in NetPositive. DOH! Is Opera whacked or is it BeGroovy? Nah, can’t be BeGroovy. :) Ok Hern Labs, when is RC2 coming out?

  18. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To Eugenia @ 11/13/2000 06:23:43 AM

    Re: Evil Plot

    Even though i didn’t directly do it, i think BeNews went down because Jane phears my 1337 h4×0r s/<1Lz

    Or something. :P

  19. John Barleycorn Says:

    Thank you

    Looks outstanding.
    Thanks for keeping a great service online!

  20. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To Zaranthos @ 11/13/2000 1:10:06 PM

    Re: Fast and easy on the eyes.. awww yea.

    Course, there ARE no user settings right now. But they are being worked on, and nearly here. And when they are, you will be able to change a LOT more than a timezone. :)

  21. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To Zaranthos @ 11/13/2000 1:09:02 PM

    Re: Congrats-

    The site is hosted on a brand spanking new Pentium III 600 (or 800?), 10gb SCSI Hard Drive dedicated server from site5. It rocks. I think you can see the speed. :)

    The server is running Red Hat Linux. BeOS just isnt ready for the full time server position yet. It needs multiuser and stable BONE. But when it is ready, we will use it. :)

  22. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To Zaranthos @ 11/13/2000 1:15:12 PM

    Re: Suggestion for ‘el Nutcase

    We actually had to scramble to support Opera at all. That release broke so much stuff. It hurt. But now it looks pretty good.

    As far as forum spacing, 99% of the users of our last forum wanted LESS spacing, because spacing=scrolling.

    So, no. I wont change it. :P

  23. danielr Says:

    me happy

    me happy!

    at last — a place where I can get my groove on!

    sir Nutcase, that Editor’s Note image is pretty damn spiffy. you don’t really post with a quill pen, tho, do ya? :P

  24. danielr Says:

    In Response To H-kon @ 11/13/2000 04:33:18 AM

    Re: Great to see BeGroovyback!

    H-kon… hmmm… why is that name so familiar???


    Welcome back sir! The one man posting machine is in the house!

  25. AllNew Says:

    In Response To danielr @ 11/13/2000 3:02:32 PM

    Re: me happy

    Thanks for the complement regarding the icon :)

    Oh yeah, this is awesome after months of planning, development, and refinement! Thanks to everyone who helped out :) :) :)

  26. gearjammer Says:

    Welcome Back!

    Great site guys!

  27. Zaranthos Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 11/13/2000 2:42:05 PM

    Re: Fast and easy on the eyes.. awww yea.

    Sure there are. When you sign up you get to set your nic, preferences, etc.

  28. Zaranthos Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 11/13/2000 2:45:52 PM

    Re: Suggestion for ‘el Nutcase

    That’s cool. It’s Opera that seems goofy. It looks much better in Net .

  29. Aeris (the wired) Says:


    Ahhh! Much better! I’ve been missing this place…

    -Aeris (the wired)

  30. H-kon Says:

    In Response To danielr @ 11/13/2000 3:09:08 PM

    Re: Great to see BeGroovyback!

    Thanks man! :)

    Found that i missed this place a lot more than i thought hehe.

    Just need this other person to sign up again.. yeah. you know who you are!

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