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Zeta 1.2 On the Streets

by @ 8:38 am on 5/22/2006. Filed under yellowTab

Memson has reported in our forums that he has received his copy of 1.2 and will post word when he gets a chance to install it. So it’s out there and available. Going to go order mine now…

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  1. Phinnemann says:

    I ordered a copy of Zeta 1.2 from Menzys some days ago and yesterday the order was confirmed. I have visited magnussoft daily in vain until I tried the german language at

    If You read german You will find it make sense.


  2. Phinnemann says:

    The most resent statement is to see (in german) at The Site is under construction and has allready changed from yesterday.

    Stay tuned and nurse the hope.


  3. Phinnemann says:

    New delay announced by Magnussoft. Zeta 1.21 is expected to be ready and smooth at the end of July.

    Waiting for something good is not in vain.

  4. SurGreen says:

    I have ordered and received promptly each update of Zeta from Mensys. Their servers remember what was allowed and respond as requested to password requests [updates do not happen frequently..o well…].

    I live in New Zealand [last call b4 antarctica btw].

    Ok here! 🙂

    Peter W

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