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Google summer of code reminder *UPDATE - Haiku turned down

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Posted by:Cougar on Tuesday, 25 Apr, 2006 @ 4:39 PM
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We received a message from Datatec to remind the Be/Haiku/Zeta community about the Google summer of code this year. Here is what he wrote:

Google announced the summer of code again, last year if I understand correctly there were no haiku/beos/zeta projects
because people who had wanted to propose some didn’t do it in time. Thought it would be good if we could post reminders across
all of the beos community sites to remind people to apply this year if they are interested.

more info about google summer of code is located at:
It especially would be good to at least see a haiku/beos/zeta(ideas) category on the above page.


There was some reminders and discussion about it on the Haiku mailing list as well. Also Michael Phipps mentioned in the mailing list that he is working on signing up Haiku, so that’s good to hear.

*UPDATE: Dang it! The day after I post this I learn that Haiku was turned down. You can read the announcement over at the Haiku-OS homepage.

3 Responses to “Google summer of code reminder *UPDATE - Haiku turned down”

  1. mikesum32 Says:

    Looks like Haiku was rejected.

  2. JonathanThompson Says:

    Perhaps next year Haiku will have been released as 1.0 and working towards 2.0: there’s no question that there will be plenty of things to add for supporting more modern hardware at that time, if only to make Haiku take advantage of 64 bit CPUs. Of course, I’d like to see some major structural changes in R2 compared to R1, that would give the Haiku API more long-term growth potential.

    /me wonders why the text edit box goes off the edge of the browser under IE on the work laptop at a resolution of 1680*1050….

  3. ZeroBit Says:


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