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Graphics driver updates *UPDATED* 04/25

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Posted by:Cougar on Sunday, 23 Apr, 2006 @ 10:34 AM

Rudolf posted some new benchmark results on his nVidia 3d driver page. The benchmarks show the speeds of the current 3D driver Alpha 4.1 and the 2D driver 0.80. The benchmark table compares the framerates achieved in Quake 2 timedemo 1 under BeOS and Windows98 second edition. A number of cards that are supported by the 3D driver were tested and he also added another table displaying benchmark results with slower machines to show how well older systems perform with the current driver. If you haven’t checked it out, go here and have a look. Also, be sure to check out Rudolf’s blog as well.

Now an update on Euan’s work on the Radeon driver. Over at the Bebits talkback section and the Bedrivers forum, a new version was posted, download here. This version has fixes for the drawing problems, some changes to the DPMS code and he changed a line in the code for flat panels which he says seemed to be forcing the flatpanel to use the 2nd CRT output. This version runs exclusively in PIO mode for the X series chips in laptops that don’t work very well. It is recommended that 7000, 8000 and 9000 series Radeon users continue using older versions of the Radeon driver for better performance (anything upto v5.1.3).

He plans for the next version to enable full performance for cards that did work fine with full acceleration. Be sure to post your results and e-mail him syslogs and any feedback regarding the new versions of the driver. For those interested in following his progress, you can find his updates over at the Bedrivers forums.

*UPDATE (Radeon driver):

As noted in Euan’s comment, laptop users should avoid using this release since a change he made to the driver turns off LCDs completely.

3 Responses to “Graphics driver updates *UPDATED* 04/25”

  1. Luposian Says:

    I am getting a GeForce3 Ti500 card in a couple days. Do you have any performance results, in BeOS/Haiku, for GeForce3-series cards? All I ever see are TNT, GeForce2 MX and GeForce4 MX-series cards mentioned.


  2. CougarGT Says:

    The GeForce 3 series cards use the NV20 GPU and the 3D driver does not work with that GPU. For now, the nVidia 3D driver won’t work with NV2x, NV3x, or higher cards because of the lack of information on how to set them up. Hopefully this will change some day.
    The current 3D driver supports NV04 - NV18 nVidia GPUs, that is why you only see benchmarks and tests done with these cards. Here is a list of cards that use those nVidia GPUs that as for as we know works:

    (List from Bebits page)
    Supported cards (as far as is known):

    * TNT 1/2;
    * TNT 2-M64;
    * Vanta/Aladdin TNT2;
    * GeForce 256;
    * GeForce 2 MX/Ti/GTS/Go;
    * GeForce 2 Integrated GPU (Nforce);
    * GeForce 4 MX/Go;
    * GeForce 4 Integrated GPU (Nforce 2);
    * GeForce 4 MX4000;
    * GeForce (4 MX) PCX 4300;
    * Quadro (2/4/Go)

    If you want to know what codename your nVidia graphics card uses then visit this page here for a list of nVidia cards and their GPU codenames:


  3. Euan Says:


    Best to avoid the driver if your using laptops, as the test change I did turined off LCDs completely hehe :huge bleh smiley :

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