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Moho updated on BeOS

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Posted by:Ryan on Wednesday, 17 Jan, 2001 @ 1:55 AM
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In a very interesting move, Lost Marble has posted what is labeled Moho 2.2 to BeBits. Version 2.2 is the current version of their animation software Moho for all platforms. We recently ran an email from Moho showing questionable support of the BeOS version. While the changes from 2.0 to 2.2 are mainly windows specific and won’t help BeOS users much, this rapid update to the BeOS edition could be shown as a very positive message from Lost Marble.

11 Responses to “Moho updated on BeOS”

  1. MoerBoer Says:

    Good News

    That is very good news for BeOS. I’m at work at the moment on a Win2K machine, so I can’t test this version.

    Does anyone if the program functions the same as the windows version.

    Well done lost marble.

  2. El-Al Says:

    Not Quite Lost Marble………

    This is encouraging……….

    although it doesn’t necessarily mean that much has changed (from the position given in their email).

    It does however, mean that their eye is still on the ball regarding the BeOS contingent of Moho users.

    Another abandonment scenario (of the BeOS) by an established 3rd Party applications vendor would be extremely depressing to say the least.

    Its a very thin line that is being trod IMO.

    My hat is off to Lost Marble for at least maintaining point release parity with other platforms. Well done guys!

    Whilst I wish Moho could be further developed and functionally enhanced in tandem with other platforms, it seems that a general lack of 3rd party applications vendor support is being given as the root cause for Lost Marbles concern and not the lack of a BeOS market for Moho. That makes a refreshing change :o /

    You know, I don’t think Moho has crashed on me once, and it was one of the first BeOS apps I ever bought. And, despite some shortcomings, its maybe one of the best too.

  3. Brunis Says:

    In Response To El-Al @ 01/17/2001 04:29:33 AM

    Re: Not Quite Lost Marble………

    I have not bought it yet, but the problem is I know i’m never gonna use it. So 100$ is too much for me. But if we could gather a couple of 100 ppl, and maybe get a discount from LostMarble for let’s say 50$ (here’s to hoping) i would put my money on it!


  4. LeftTurn Says:

    Good deal…

    Glad to hear about this. I don’t have much use for the program at the moment, too many other things going on. I am glad that they reversed their position a bit and kept BeOS at the same point version as the other platforms. This is encouraging. My hat is off to Lost Marble.

  5. georges Says:

    [No Subject]


  6. alencious Says:

    A bit worry

    While I am very excited by the news(I bought Moho, and was asking the same question as the begroovy news to them before the news posted), I am a bit worry about they release the update because of pressure from the BeOS community. I really like to have the new version, but then I hope this doesnt create a bad image to them and to any other developers. You know, BeOS community is still too small to lose any potential developer. Anyway, Thanks to the guys in lost marble, I really appreciate for the update, hope you are not forced to do it.

  7. LeftTurn Says:

    In Response To alencious @ 01/17/2001 6:00:53 PM

    Re: A bit worry

    I like to think that if they were upset with the BeOS community, they wouldn’t have released anything and just dropped it.
    The fact it was released so quickly encourages me to think they want to continue working with the BeOS community.

    Staying optimistic…

  8. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To LeftTurn @ 01/17/2001 11:29:05 PM

    Re: A bit worry

    They actually say in their email that they want to stick with BeOS as long as possible, but there isnt much reason to. So all they need is a reason to keep at it… which is much less than nearly any other developer you could name. So the signs are good, if we keep some basic interest going.

  9. alencious Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 01/17/2001 11:50:02 PM

    Re: A bit worry

    Hope that is the case. Anyway, is there anyone trying to create maggie-like program yet? Just wondering how hard is it to create one.

  10. alencious Says:

    Just want to make it clear.

    Actually those new features in 2.2 is also useable in BeOS ver. Take the switching layer(the one used for lip-sync) for example, the included manual said:
    Don’t feel restricted to lip-sync animation with switch layers. They have a lot of potential uses (controlling eyes, syncing to music & sound effects, etc.) - get creative!
    Plus there is also some others features like texture fill and a new outline. Anyway, I like to thanks lost marble again for the upgrade. I just dont want people think that the new improvements are not useable in BeOS.

  11. Pedro Eloy Says:

    Good News!?

    Well it’s nice to have Moho back again in BeOS, but from what I get making version 2.2 should have been maybe an afternoon’s work made by Lost Marble!

    So this doesn’t tell me that they see BeOS has a viable market for their product, only that the cost/benefit of releasing this version to BeOS is good enough.

    So it’s good news..but nothing to be excited about..IMHO!

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