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BeDoper uncovers questionable finaces of Haiku

by @ 3:15 pm on 12/19/2005. Filed under BeDope

BeDoper has uncovered some interesting financial details of Haiku… my favs being Axel’s pay and Bryan’s rehab fees. 😛 Not to be taken seriously once again, BeDoper still posts articles more often than we do… be sure to keep your eye on them. 😉

2 Responses to “BeDoper uncovers questionable finaces of Haiku”

  1. R. Wheeler says:

    LoL, Gotta admit, thats a sad way of using other ppl’s money. After all we, the people donate, and build it. Shouldn’t it go towards this to begain with?

  2. mikesum32 says:

    Yeah for me ! I’m awesome.

    That was a serious article. Why do think the 2005 financial statement is not published?

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