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Not quite Be’s Pe

by @ 10:27 am on 9/5/2005. Filed under Submitted News

Paul Artz wrote in with this [links added for html]:

Hey gang
After years of less than nothing, Digital Wandering has at last made a major change in (Maarten) Hekkelman Programatuur’s almost famous and certainly ill-fated text-editor; Pepper. They have made it available as a free download. Check it out at: Hook it up to your systems’ Metrowerks and go to town! Now I wonder what to do with my collection of licenses?

< pragmat >

PS. Documentation initialization on Macintosh OS X is as dodgy as it’s ever been. Erik Sandblom’s Pepper fan page is still up at And while we’re at it and having mentioned Macs, don’t overlook Pavel Cisler’s latest work on his Carbonized Eddie for Panther & Tiger

Just thought you Pe fans may like to keep up with this sort of news. 😉

2 Responses to “Not quite Be’s Pe”

  1. MYOB says:

    Note that the other text editor he mentioned is Eddie… which also comes from BeOS

    I suddenly feel like that scene at the end of Twenty Four Hour Party People, where Tony Wilson orders the crowd in the Hacienda to loot the offices and take eveything they can find, finishing with a really memorably line thats actually not on the IMDB’s “Memorable Quotes” listing, but is something along the lines of “Let a thousand Mancunians bloom”.

    So many features, and even apps, from BeOS ended up on other platforms – BFS/Tracker like attribute/indexing; Eddie, pe, ePicture, PersonalStudio, Gobe Productive, etc. The “death” of BeOS (not very dead when I’m using a three day old Mozilla build on R5.04 on a wireless network on a recent Vaio) has let its powers go to the winds, and get picked up wherever. However, its still utterly patchwork…

  2. pragmat says:

    Think of them as curios from home.
    We all must travel from time to time
    and then come back to the place we love.
    Handbrake runs wild too. At least the fine mr.P has kept it and VLC quite healthy for us.

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