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yT vs. Marcus – Speculate on this instead…

by @ 7:33 am on 8/22/2005. Filed under General News

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just go look at the other BeOS/Haiku/Zeta sites out there. I’m not going to bother linking anything.

Yes, there’s controversy. Yes, there are some obvious issues between them. But it’s between them. Let it stay between them. yT has been doing very well in cleaning up their act with the community, and all in all, released a pretty good R1. And Marcus has been an invaluable asset to the community, not one of my machines hasn’t benefitted from something he’s developed. And, I’ve had my own spats with BOTH of them at one point in time in the distant BeOS past.

But this is their spat. Let them have it out, and we can all talk about it after the smoke clears. Right now, it’s all speculation, and that speculation is just fueling the community fires.

And speaking of speculation, Robert Wheeler sent this in over the weekend… seems that, owned by PalmSource (IP acquired in the takeover) has been renewed as recently as 18 Aug 2005. Likely, it’s just their legal department renewing domains without question of their actual need or use.

But still, let’s have a little fun and speculate on what _could_ be afoot there. 😉

5 Responses to “yT vs. Marcus – Speculate on this instead…”

  1. …. a BeOS version by Palm is coming… I am sure of it….

    Sure of it… I tell you….


    (nahhhhh don’t think so…)

  2. Because Palm (anything) will not confirm that yT actually has the legal rights to do what they’re doing, I’m not convinced that they will forever be able to modify the system from the source code they got (many people have BeOS source code, but until they try to resell it, no real harm would seem to result to Palm) without Palm deciding to swoop down and ask for their bit of the proceeds, as it were, and possibly stop them cold in their tracks from selling and modifying BeOS/Zeta, revoking *all* rights.

    If yT doesn’t truly have the rights to do as much as they have, you may ask: why hasn’t Palm done this before now?

    Simple: the PR costs combined with the legal costs perhaps haven’t been low enough in relation to what they might get out of a settlement to make it worth their bother….*yet* but if this theory is true (logical, considering the costs of things, and that it’s good to get money out of something you bought the rights to) then perhaps Palm is waiting until they really need the money, and it appears enough copies of Zeta have been sold to have there be a reasonable chance of recovering a settlement worth the bother.

    And if you want to get into what would be a really scary thing for yT, imagine if all the developers that have had things placed on the Zeta CD without proper permission or license details adhered to decided to all join together at once in a class action copyright infringement suit.

    Will either one of these things happen? I honestly don’t know, but it isn’t beyond reason. After all, you don’t have to defend copyrights like you have to defend patents and trademarks, and the copyrights Be, Inc. had (and now Palm has) won’t expire before Zeta is forgotten. Besides, even if Palm didn’t *really* want to bother with it, what if some of the creators of the code within BeOS/Zeta that Be, Inc. licensed from other places insisted on *their* piece of licensing fees?

    As I said, just speculation 😛

  3. ronaldst says:

    I hope Marcus comes back. 🙁

  4. ExBeFan says:

    YT has zilch. Nada. Zero. They just claim they do to calm down pretentious users. I’m going with Haiku, especially after what that moron Korz did. Zeta is a BIG dissapointment for me. It seems that the corporate tactics are following the OS’s model. Marcus, don’t let YT bring you down. Fight for Haiku, damn it!

  5. looncraz says:

    Tsk tsk tsk,

    I remain in the shadows working on a few things to rid ourselves of the yellowTAB demon that we share, an come back to see that they are slowly costing us developers (well, have been for a while, but more quickly now)… not cool.

    Okay, well, give me about a week, well, let us just call it a few days. Not much more I have to say. Six months has not gone to waste.

    –The loon

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