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BeGroovy Merchandise

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Posted by:Deej on Friday, 05 Aug, 2005 @ 12:42 PM
Site News

In celebration for the upcoming 7 year birthday of BeGroovy… Okay, that’s a stretch… :P

To help me pay for server fees (it’s that time again)… there’s some CafePress items I’ve put up with a “BeGroovy” brand. To start out, I’ve used a modification of the first BeGroovy logo from back in 1998 (and still visible on BeBits :P ). Each item purchased will help me pay for the BeGroovy server fees, so if you feel the need to help out, get a Retro BeGroovy Messenger Bag or Yellow T-shirt. ;) I’ll add more BeGroovy (and maybe other) branded stuff there if this proves to be helpful in paying for the cost of BeGroovy’s operations. Or, you can just help out by donating a few bucks to my PayPal account (email me for my PayPal email account).

I must thank all our visitors over the years for keep me motivated to keep the site up and running, and a special thanks to all those that have been around for most (or all) of those years. But now, I need a little more help to keep it going - it’s not that I don’t have the money too - but keeping a server running for 7 years can add up to quite a bit of cash, not a bit of which a certain significant other is appreciative of. ;)

And it will be appreciated by all those that visit here (and at least one person that I live with ;) ). Thanks. :)

Update: At Euan’s request, I put up mugs there as well. Here’s the official storefront. Yes, eventually, I’ll get a better logo for the actual storefront banner in there. :P

And, a big thanks to all for the email about keeping the site going. Just to clarify - this isn’t a “life-saving” measure. The site isn’t going away, this is just a request for a little assistance from those that can afford to help out some - 7 years does add up. :)

9 Responses to “BeGroovy Merchandise”

  1. myob Says:

    Yellow is too washed out looking :p

  2. Euan Says:

    I’d go for a mug. Maybe the t-shirt too if I can find my shades. ;)

  3. Deej Says:

    Ask, and ye shall recieve. :)


  4. Chinasaur Says:

    Yo! How much you need to make the Quarterly expenses?

    If you were able to receive my last PayPal submittal, I will donate again.

    Email me and let me know.

  5. MYOB Says:

    Which of us was that a response to, Deej?

    On 8 bit colour here so can’t actually tell if it made the tshirt brighter. Light yellow/blue/red (skirting onto pink) tshirts are in the realm of metrosexuality here, whereas I’ve gotten away with the non-washed out versions of the same colours since the mid 1990’s :)

  6. Euan Says:

    Its the mugs. :p

  7. BeGroovy Admin Says:

    I had originally chosen those 2 yellow products cafepress had, and then made the logo with the dark blue we use/used here. This gives the “blue and gold” appearance (I hope).

    I actually had first went there because I wanted to get a messenger bag to carry to work, instead of my huge-fits-a-17″-widescreen-laptop backpack. The only available messenger bag was yellow, which tipped off the idea. Decided to make a BeGroovy one, vice buying one that someone else put up.

    If a white shirt with just the blue logo is okay with you, I’ll put one up. Otherwise, hold on a bit until I get time to create some other graphics images with the gold mixed in. I’m also planning on using a version of the current logo as well, and maybe doing some beunited logo stuff from this or a beunited store in the near future. Just depends on demand. :)


  8. Czeslaw Says:

    I demand beunited merchandise! :) I dig that minimalist gold-rectangle logotype.

    Deej, we missed you and Robin at WalterCon this year.


  9. BeGroovy Admin Says:

    WalterCon - Next year, for sure… well, if dates are announced soon enough to properly plan for (and not plan other things ;) ).

    beunited and other groovy merchandise to come “RSN” then - I should probably get with Cougar to make some cool new stuff too. ;)


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