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Java AWT moving along

by @ 5:26 pm on 5/16/2005. Filed under BeUnited

The esteemed Jason “aka. Maverick” VanDerMark emailed in to alert us of a recent LooneyBin posting by Bryan Varner about the Java AWT (a beunited project – thus the icon/category for this posting):

Bryan Varner has posted an update to the state of Java on BeOS. The team’s work on AWT seems to be progressing quite well as they are now able to run JEdit 4.1. Bryan has posted screenshots of JEdit here and here. Good news for everyone.

Good news indeed. We seem to be moving ever so closer to a complete desktop solution with Zeta, Haiku and Java. Too bad it can’t move along just a little bit faster. 😉

10 Responses to “Java AWT moving along”

  1. Bryan says:

    Faster? For craps sake!

    We do this in our free time!

  2. tb100 says:

    I was getting around to doing another blog update, kinda waiting for Rudolf to post something about the DMA stuff that he’s been commiting to the Haiku repository lately 🙂

  3. looncraz says:

    Sweet jesus, I love this community.

    Don’t worry about the speed, just be happy anything at all is occuring.

    –The loon

  4. Zenja says:

    Hey Bryan, I think your progress is more than fast enough. You are faster than what Sun and BeInc were, as far as we can tell. Great work.

  5. Jonathan Thompson says:

    I think it’s fair to mention that Andrew (not sure of his last name) is also involved. Credit given where credit due, afterall… 🙂

  6. I was not meaning that they (you) are not working fast enough, only that it would be nice if there were more people working as to make things go faster (less wait for the rest of us worthless chair sitters) – and not just in Java, but also in Haiku, and even Zeta.

    Sorry if that was taken the wrong way.


  7. Angrybrit says:

    It’s looks even better under BeOS. 🙂

  8. root says:

    The fonts look very BeOS’ish – good job. Wonder if you’ll change the ui/widgets at all, but really not so big of concern. That is, not as big concern as it working LOL…

  9. Fanskapet says:

    Ahh looks nice.. sad that’s there isn’t anyone working on a SWT port :/ Eclipse would be a wonderfull addition to the BeOS application archive…

    Maybe YellowTab would port it.. atleast they should. they would get alot “free” then, allow users to get a full development suite/IDE for no cost at all..

  10. Beoser says:

    This is great work. Keep it up!

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