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Echo audio drivers available for testing

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Posted by:Cougar on Monday, 18 Apr, 2005 @ 8:33 PM

Now that Jérome has an Echo Gina3G, thanks to Bedrivers.com and the support/donations from the community, he now has an Echo audio card to use to continue developing the Echo audio drivers for BeOS.

Since Jérome can only test the drivers with his Echo Gina3G, he is interested in seeing the results of other Echo audio cards using the same drivers. So, he recently posted over at the Bedrivers.com forums a link to a build for download of his current work on the audio drivers. The driver is not finished yet, but anyone running BeOS with and Echo audio card can test the drivers and report their results to Jérome. You can download a build of the Echogals and Echo24 driver from here:



Here are some key features currently implemented in the driver from Jérome’s post:

* outputs 1/2 and 3/4 as 48khz stereo 16bits streams
* input 1/2 as 48khz stereo 16bits stream
* mixer interface for output busses (levels and mute)

Also note:
before testing the drivers, make sure you have the Haiku Media preferences and MultiAudio addon from bebits installed. The sources for the driver are also available in the Haiku repository.

4 Responses to “Echo audio drivers available for testing”

  1. blitze Says:

    Would the echo24 driver be compatable with a Hoontech DSP24 audio card? I have a hoontech DSP24 C-Port and would love to be able to use it with Haiku.

  2. CougarGT Says:

    I don’t think it would since the Hoontech uses a different chipset. I could be wrong, but I think the Hoontech uses the VIA Envy24 chipset so it wouldn’t work with the Echo drivers.

    There was a driver in development for the Hoontech DSP24 audio cards, development has stoped but you can try the internal beta located here: http://www.kabunkie.de/BeOS/index.html#DSP24

    A link to download the file should be there, check it out if you haven’t yet.

  3. Jace Says:

    Figures… I find this now… My BeOS partition is unbootable right now… Good news, though!

  4. Hung Says:

    no audio

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