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Java Gold

by @ 6:26 pm on 4/3/2005. Filed under BeUnited

Well, hasn’t been reflected on beunited’s site yet, but according to Bryan Varner’s Looney Bin, the Java team has finished up all the remaining work, and is now awaiting Sun to certify it! Way to go guys!

Update: So I’m the fool this year. Didn’t even realize that April Fool’s had come and gone, and was out of touch for a while. Got me good Bryan. 😛 But here’s to hoping that the day you speak of comes soon! 😉

11 Responses to “Java Gold”

  1. April Fool’s 2 days late.

  2. Hey Bryan!


    You’ve fooled the BeGroovy Admin!


  3. Hehe… oops… didn’t even realize it was already April. 😛

    That’s what I get for living out of boxes the last 2 weeks trying to move homes. 😛

    Sorry everyone… I’m the fool this year!


  4. ModeenF says:

    lol you are not the only one… 🙁

  5. Bryan says:

    Eh heh heh…

    All in good fun, right? Right?

    I thought for sure the way it was worded, complete with the “Please make notes of the date this was posted” would give it away.

    Sorry to give everyone false hopes… this one worked better than I thought it would!


  6. Deej says:

    I didn’t even catch that bottom wording until after the fact, as I was so excited about what had happened while I was offline moving homes. 😛

  7. Kancept says:

    LOL…Haiku News did it too, and then they took it down an hour or so later. Woin’t even own up to the fact they’d been 0\/\/|\|3d

  8. I had thought about doing that too… but decided against it. Shows we (BeGroovy) have a sense of humor and can laugh at ourselves for being fooled.


  9. tb100 says:

    No, it shows we can laugh at Deej for being fooled…
    [points and laughs]

  10. /me turns red in the face and stares at me shoes.

  11. Hey Deej!

    Were you busy living out of BeBoxes? 🙂

    I appreciate when someone is willing and able to live up to being caught with their pants down: shows they’re human (well, mostly) 😛

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