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General News Roundup.

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Posted by:Cougar on Monday, 28 Mar, 2005 @ 12:13 PM
General News

Lots of things have been going on in the BeOS/Zeta community, so lets see what I missed:

First, beunited.org is back online after having some server issues which caused the down time and looking for a new home. Now that they are back online the developers portal and other sections are available to the community again. It’s good to see beunited.org back to normal again.

yellowTab was at the OCS 2005 in Tokyo Japan during the 25 and 26 of March which was a few days ago. They were demonstrating Zeta 1.0 which is soon to be released, not sure of the exact date though. You can preview some pictures taken at OCS 2005 over at the BeBUG, more pictures will be available later at JPBE.net.

Over at Rudolf’s 3D weblog news, he has an update with some very good news on his progress. There’s a lot of info in his latest update, too much to post here, so I suggest you head on over to his blog to read it.

Michael Lotz also has another update over at his Haiku blog regarding his work on running the Haiku app_server. Currently his page seems to be down, so I suggest checking back later, but make sure you visit his page when it’s working again to read his latest update and to view a screenshot of the app_server running his MiniTerminal app which he made for testing the app_server. Seeing the app_server working like this is really neat.

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