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Backend Updates

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Posted by:Deej on Wednesday, 23 Mar, 2005 @ 2:32 AM
Site News

Well, nothing looks different… so I suppose everything with updating the backend scripts is a success then. ;) Let us know if you run into any issues.

As a side to this, certain keywords in the comments have been blacklisted and are dumped to ‘void’. If you are posting comments and they aren’t showing up, check for any words that might be causing your comment to be percieved as spam (you can see a copy of our list of keywords here so you can avoid them). It’s also possible that your comment is awaiting moderation as well (such as if you put more than one link in your comment).

6 Responses to “Backend Updates”

  1. BeGroovy Admin Says:

    Testing without keywords…

  2. Mike Bond Says:

    Well, I hope no one writes an incredable new p0ker or c@sino game for Beos. Would really throw a wrench in it when all the t33ns try to talk about how cool it is.


  3. Jonathan Thompson Says:

    Well, I hope you’ve written your scripts to check for case and HTML formatting as well as unprintable stuff between all those characters: I’ve gotten spam that spelled out the message using all of the above crap, making Outlook absolutely worthless for filtering!

    As a note: for some weird reason, to post this comment I had to first select this form field, and then backwards tab through everything else to get there: I couldn’t click or tab through the fields from the top, going down, in the usual manner. I wonder how many people THAT will mess up, besides cutting down the spambots that can’t comprehend how to deal with that :P

    (at minimum, leave directions for readers how to navigate the maze!)

  4. the_leander Says:

    The only one in that list that I would really argue with is $pyware, though I suppose we could always use malware or similar I do worry that genuine questions that crop up may well be dumped because of this list.

  5. Chris Capoccia Says:

    düty-frèé tråmâdõl, cíâlìs and vîägrâ.

    a published keyword list might work for stopping the first generation bots, but they’ll be back. how many misspellings will you have to put into your list to block them? how big can the list get before it affects the system’s performance?

  6. BeGroovy Admin Says:

    We will add to it as needed. The best we can do to keep up. So far, not too many have been going in queue since the backend update. I only published the list publically for you folks to know why some comments might not be getting through. ;)


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