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Great Harp Pic from Be

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Posted by:Ryan on Friday, 12 Jan, 2001 @ 10:48 PM
Be Inc

When Be announced HARP, we were all excited about the coolness of a Be powered stereo device, but a little unclear about what it was. Well, I asked our contact at Be’s PR firm about a few images. We got one. But what an image it is. :)

That my friends, is Aura.. Be’s prototype HARP device. While I think we have seen various parts of this around the net before, this is a pretty impressive whole. God knows I want one.

Note: Thanks to the great hosting and bandwidth we get at Site5, we can offer you a 4.4mb download of a MUCH larger high quality image of harp… just click on the image above. Could make a rather annoying wallpaper. :)

30 Responses to “Great Harp Pic from Be”

  1. Jean-Baptiste Queru Says:

    It also runs without the LCD

    Note that you can also use it without the big screen, in which case it totally fits in a standard stereo. You can then use the infared remote and the buttons on the front to control it, and get feedback on the small display at the front of the device. Of course, it’s no longer as cool, but it is still as useful…


  2. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To Jean-Baptiste Queru @ 01/12/2001 11:09:57 PM

    Re: It also runs without the LCD

    Can you move the display elsewhere? perhaps on top of the cabinet?

  3. Galley Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 01/12/2001 11:10:55 PM

    Re: It also runs without the LCD

    Is it possible to hook it to a TV via S-video? If so, they could sell a version without the monitor for a much lower cost.

  4. LeftTurn Says:

    Hey, that looks cool!

    Nice picture. It looks pretty cool. A version with the slick monitor, and one that works on your exisiting television would probably sell quite a few units. Nice going Be!

  5. Jean-Baptiste Queru Says:

    In Response To Galley @ 01/12/2001 11:16:24 PM

    Re: It also runs without the LCD

    Let me try to quickly answer the questions :

    -On that specific device, the LCD monitor isn’t glued to the top of the device and can be moved around. since it’s hooked to the back of the device through a cable, and could indeed be located at the top of a stereo cabinet.

    -I’m not sure whether that specific device has TV-out, but, since Be is capable of creating versions of BeIA taylor-made for the requirements of specific devices, and since BeIA already supports TV-out on some (other) client devices, it would be totally possible.


  6. Zippy Says:

    And on that monitor is…

    t-shirts and other apparel? Is that what I’m seeing on the display?

    So the connection between clothing and an audio device is? :)

    BTW, tried retrieving and opening the biggie zipped-up targa image (so I could figure out exactly what is on that monitor…), but kept getting errors about (apparently) the last block or so of data missing from it. Thank goodness for the big pipe I’m sitting on!

  7. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To Zippy @ 01/12/2001 11:45:35 PM

    Re: And on that monitor is…

    Anyone else having this problem? It works ok here….

  8. rain Says:

    been there done that ;)

    Looks kinda like the box I’m building, except that my box will be better looking :P
    I will take some pictures when it’s done, if anyone is interested. It will be connected to the tv and have a cordless keyboard/trackball, remote-control and LCD-display. And will run BeOS ofcourse :)
    I haven’t got all the parts yet so the project is on hold right now. But it will be cool :)

  9. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To Naish @ 01/13/2001 07:33:29 AM

    Re: And on that monitor is…

    I made a large JPEG and it was all pixellated and crap. This is mainly an issue of not having the right tools for the job. I will see what i can do to fix it, but both of them work for me here… :-(

  10. KZ Says:

    case like that?

    hey, this may be a little off topic… but i’m building a BeOS-powered mp3 player and I have pretty much everything but the case. Does anyone know where I can find a nice looking case that will fit well with my home theater components? It may not seem too important, but I’d kill to have my system look like that one. Thanks…


  11. Nodaclu Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 01/13/2001 00:20:02 AM

    Re: And on that monitor is…

    Yep, having the same problem over here. I’d be happy to give whatever details you might need.

  12. David Aquilina Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 01/13/2001 00:20:02 AM

    Re: And on that monitor is…

    “A problem occurred while expanding file (Unknown Error (2)). The file may be bad or the expansion rule may be incorrect.”

    Tried downloading twice

  13. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To David Aquilina @ 01/13/2001 02:04:18 AM

    Re: And on that monitor is…

    I am getting the same error, strangely. The archive is fine local, but messed up after the transfer… I have just added a 9mb unzipped version at:


    Sorry bout the size, but this should work.

  14. Mike Crosland Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 01/13/2001 03:09:29 AM

    Re: And on that monitor is…

    hmm. Now it tells me that there’s no translator for it. Strange. Is there any reason for it being a targa, and a 9Mb one at that? Why not converrt it to something more manageable like a jpeg?

  15. Thomas Thiriez Says:

    A fake logo

    Did you notice the Be logo on the box was a fake ?

  16. Naish Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 01/13/2001 03:09:29 AM

    Re: And on that monitor is…

    Would it be to much to ask for a large JPEG. I downloaded the targa file, but it seems to be corrupted.

    Michael Wulff Nielsen

  17. gmlongo Says:

    In Response To rain @ 01/13/2001 00:20:14 AM

    Re: been there done that ;)

    I’m extremely interested in your device! Can you give me any more specifics?? I always wanted to do something like that :)

    Thanks in advance!!


  18. Zippy Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 01/13/2001 12:44:17 AM

    Re: And on that monitor is…

    Did you try converting to PNG? :)

    I was able to open the TGA file in a graphics app in Another OS, but it was screwed up. It appears something is *cutting* off the end portion of your uploads, Nutcase. You had the same issue with the last Any Key comic.

  19. IAmWhoIHam Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 01/13/2001 03:09:29 AM

    Uploading in binary mode?

    Are you uploading in binary mode? If not, the binaries will be screwed up.

  20. IAmWhoIHam Says:

    In Response To rain @ 01/13/2001 00:20:14 AM

    Better looking?

    I would find that extremely hard to believe! The Be device looks awesome!

  21. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To Zippy @ 01/13/2001 1:00:09 PM

    Re: And on that monitor is…

    Really? I saw that, but others told me it was fine… hmmm…

  22. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To IAmWhoIHam @ 01/13/2001 1:15:10 PM

    Re: Uploading in binary mode?

    The zip works now… i just started using command line ftp instead of netpenguin. no idea why it makes a difference, but it does. :-/

  23. Mike Bonnett Says:

    In Response To Thomas Thiriez @ 01/13/2001 07:16:41 AM

    Re: A fake logo

    The box looks like a Harmon/Kardon CD-Player.

  24. Andy Says:

    In Response To Mike Bonnett @ 01/13/2001 6:39:58 PM

    Re: A fake logo/Harmon Kardon

    It most definetely looks like a Harmon Kardon CD player, maybe a couple of generations old but still. Now if Be has something lined up with Harmon International this could be very interesting as Harmon Internation is a huge company and has some of the top audiophile companies under its wing, ie. Mark Levinson, Revel, Proceed plus a few not quite so high end in Infinity and JBL. Can anyone confirm or deny this as this would be a major coup.

  25. Zippy Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 01/13/2001 2:56:45 PM

    Re: Uploading in binary mode?

    Yeah, all is now well with the download. Can’t say why you had trouble with NetPenguin, either. *shrug*

    Now, let’s end this deep nesting!

  26. Scot Hacker Says:

    In Response To Thomas Thiriez @ 01/13/2001 07:16:41 AM

    Re: A fake logo

    Remember that one of the advantages (to OEMs and vendors) is that Be does not require them to place the OS branding anywhere on the device or on-screen. Not good for “our cause”, but very good for Be — the lack of branding requirements is yet one more selling point that makes BeIA a better choice for vendors than WinCE.

  27. Scot Hacker Says:

    In Response To Andy @ 01/13/2001 7:15:29 PM

    Re: A fake logo/Harmon Kardon

    AFAIK, the Aura prototype is housed in a gutted CD player. The housing seen in the prototype is immaterial and incidental, and doesn’t imply a relationship with HK.

  28. Sunpoint Says:

    In Response To KZ @ 01/13/2001 01:05:33 AM

    Re: case like that?

    Check out the following:



    I know, I know the first article is about a L*#&# application, but the box is still groovy.

    The second link is an ultra-cool Hong Kong case manufacturer. Be patient with their site, it takes a while to load.

    Good Luck,

  29. Permanganate Says:

    In Response To Sunpoint @ 01/15/2001 1:05:48 PM

    Re: case like that?

    That chilli.com.hk link doesn’t work…

    Jeez, that router is bloated. You simply get an
    ancient computer, such as the 486SX25 mobos and
    procs I have in my cupboard, together with a 3.5″
    floppy drive, 12-16MB of RAM, and the latest
    floppy image from LinuxRouter.org, and, after
    configuring, you have your router. That’s right,
    it’s a micro-distro of Linux meant to be a router
    that is so small it doesn’t need a hard drive!
    (All the files on the floppy get copied to a
    ramdisk at runtime.) It’s not hard to do, and it’s
    far cheaper than getting a high-end Pentium
    to run a full distro of Linux and a ton of other
    stuff. Why do you need all of that anyway? Haven’t
    those guys ever heard of hacker prevention? A
    router is the ultimate place to own for a hacker,
    and with a full install of Linux you’ve just got
    tons and tons of stuff that you will never use but
    can be very useful to hackers. With the one from
    linuxrouter.org, they have to bring every single
    tool with them - FTP, pinging, the lot. They
    probably won’t even have the space to do that if
    you’ve just got a tiny ramdisk. Oh yeah, and one
    other thing: making the router out of a old 486
    costs you $40 from EBay and $0 if you have an
    old one hanging around. Show me a store-bought
    router that’s that cheap!

  30. Jim Says:

    In Response To Andy @ 01/13/2001 7:15:29 PM

    Re: A fake logo/Harmon Kardon

    Harman Kardon is already in a relationship with ZapMedia, for better or worse. If Be had a relationship with HK, you could assume they would include HK logos.

    Just FYI, ZapMedia makes a subscription service-heavy “Universal Media Player” which is intended to combine some of the features of Tivo, HARP, and (to a lesser extent) a settop box.

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