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Real hardware accelerated graphics under Haiku

by @ 10:26 am on 3/20/2005. Filed under Haiku, Submitted News

Thanks to tb100 for the heads up on this.

Over at the Haiku forums, Michael Lotz (mmlr) made a post about his new personal Haiku weblog.

In his blog he explains his experiments with Haiku which show that real hardware accelerated graphics work with the Haiku kernel and Be’s slimdemo sample code. These are definitely interesting results and good info for Haiku developers.

Also, if you go to his comments section you’ll find a post from Ingo with some interesting info in the following quote:

“PS: BTW, we thought about getting the app_server to run under Haiku in the not so distant future (ideally before BeGeistert), so this is just an excellent time you choose to have a closer look at it.”

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