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BeOS Gaming Updates

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Posted by:Cougar on Thursday, 03 Mar, 2005 @ 11:36 AM

Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe:

MYOB posted version 0.3.6 of Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe which he ported to BeOS. This version now has support for DOS game files. So, if you have a DOS version of Transport Tycoon Deluxe it will work with this port.

Stargate SG-1:

Another update is available explaining Multi Tile Objects in the game. A screenshot displaying the use of them was added in the Screenshots section of the site. You can view the image here.
Also, an updated build is available for download in the download section.

Prieto: escapando de la oscuridad:

I noticed this over at Il tuo Sistema today. Another game by Devilish Games (who also has Masters of Invento Fighting, Devilish Racing, EpsiloN, Mini-Flipull, Camaleon for the BeOS) is being developed and will be available for the BeOS as well as many other platforms.

The game looks pretty interesting, so I used the Google language tools to translate the description of the game from their site, this is what I managed to understand. The title of the game is “Prieto: escapando de la oscuridad” which I think is “Prieto: Escape from the dark” (I could be wrong). It’s an adventure game where you try and help the main character named Prieto escape from a strange world that he’s trapped in. In order to succeed, you have to solve puzzles, talk with all sorts of different characters and discover the answers needed so Prieto can escape.

The game is 25% complete, so it’s not finished yet. Also, it will be available for Windows, Mac and Linux as well.

You can view 2 screenshots and download the trailer for the game from here.

6 Responses to “BeOS Gaming Updates”

  1. MYOB Says:

    In addition, I’ve managed to get OpenTTD TRUNK to build on BeOS, which has serious gameplay boosts such as massive maps (2048×2048 possible versus 256×256) and so on, with the expense of massive RAM

    The game is now being held back by SDL - I need to write a native graphics output for it. The game works inside an OS abstraction layer, hence how it has totally native BeOS MIDI but it using POSIX file i/o and networking, and SDL sound and graphics :-)

    Native graphics will enable it to run in 8 bit colour mode - which is all it actually would need bar a bug in BeOS’s SDL - and will speed it up no end. But I’ve not got the time ATM. Native sound isn’t an issue, yet….

    Someone else got the networking to work on net_server once but its broken again…

  2. Josebita Says:

    I’m the porter of all thos games into BeOS/Zeta.
    I’d like to point out that Devilish Games made Devilish Racing and Camaleon only, Masters of Invento Fighting is by “La momia que Fuma” (http://www.invento-man.tk/), EpsiloN is by Papada Soft (http://www.papadasoft.com/) and Mini Flipull is by Sláinte (one of the main developers of Fenix)
    Even though I was the one who packed them all, I’m not part of any of those development groups.
    Anyway, Thanks for the news! :-)

  3. Josebita Says:

    I’m the porter of all the games you mention under Prieto Escapando de la oscuridad.
    I would like to point out that only Camaleon and Devilish Racing have been made by Devilish Games. Masters of Invento Fighting is by La momia que fuma (http://www.invento-man.tk/), Mini-Fipull is by the main developer of Fenix (Sláinte) and EpsiloN is by Papada Soft (http://www.papadasoft.com)
    Anyway, thanks for the news! :)
    PS: Talking to the main developer of Prieto, he pointed out that it still needs a great amount of work to be finished, so we won’t see it runing in some time yet.

  4. Deej Says:

    Sorry about that wait on your comments Josebita, your comments were mixed in with all the spam awaiting moderation, likely because you posted URL’s in your post, which is one of the methods we use to try to catch the spam before it’s live on the site.


  5. me Says:

    “The game is now being held back by SDL..”

    “…but it using POSIX file i/o and networking…”
    not a problem as this is actually an advantage and the right thing to do so

    “Native graphics will enable it to…”
    more unnecessary crackrockish juju

    i guess you don’t care about or use rudolf’s newer NV driver + agp combo…

  6. MYOB Says:

    I use an ATi Radeon 7000 in my *fastest* BeOS machine. It does AGP, but its still not fast. I don’t see why I should give up on making something faster just because a select few have faster 2D. The principles of BeOS were that you didn’t have to throw hardware at it constantly to run fast. Thats Windows, thats Linux. Its not BeOS.

    My main laptop uses VESA, my secondary laptop has a whopping 2MB graphics card in it. Not optimising because a few people havce 256MB AGP is *insane*

    SDL on BeOS is slower than native graphics, although I’ve been told that 1.2.8 does MMX/SSE blitting, and I was using 1.2.7

    BFile is faster than POSIX file I/O, and whilst the BNet* classes may be slower, at least they work on net_server. Berkely Sockets, err, don’t.

    Someone here doesn’t know what they’re talking about. And its not me.

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