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BeOSRADIO Schedule Posted

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Posted by:Cougar on Saturday, 26 Feb, 2005 @ 1:22 PM

Over at the BuzzLog, Dane Scott announced that BeOSRadio has posted a broadcast schedule so that listeners can see what BeOSRadio is broadcasting. Here’s what Dane says the schedule will inlcude:

The schedule includes several shortform and longform technie shows, hourly news, even inspirational programming, in addition to a 24/7 extreme music mix.

Also, BeOSRadio now offers four different types of connections for streaming audio. Now that they have teamed up with Abacast, they not only provide the Shoutcast-style streams, but two additional Abacast-style shoutcast streams for use with the Abacast audio player plugin. You can read more details about the new streams over at the Buzzlog or BeOSRadio.

So head on over to BeOSRadio and tune in.

2 Responses to “BeOSRADIO Schedule Posted”

  1. BeUSer Says:

    BeOS radio rocks !

  2. MYOB Says:

    Personally, I have to say the religious (”inspirational”) programming puts me off. Its the reason I changed what FM station I listen to here.

    In a world where most of the violence and tension is caued by one religion or the other, avoiding it is often best, and it’d be nice if we could leave technology religion-free entirely.

    Not that you can’t hold views, just don’t bother having them affect what you do….

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