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Good Bye … Blue Eyes

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Posted by:BeGroovy Admin on Tuesday, 01 Feb, 2005 @ 9:46 PM
BlueEyed OSHaiku

…Who could hang a name on you?… Oh, wait, that’s Ruby Tuesday. :P

As many of you have probably already heard, it appears Blue Eyed OS is out of the OSBOS game. While it is sad to see a post-Be effort to die - the hidden silver lining, as told by Michael Olivera on the Haiku mailing list:

The remaining BlueEyedOS developers and me wants join in Haiku project.

So, while sad, this could give a few extra coders to strengthen (maybe speed up) Haiku development.

UPDATE 02/02/2005:

Seems that was a premature death call. From Guillaume himself:

It seems that Michael (Oliveira), our webmaster, concluded a ‘bit’ too quickly because the website www.BlueEyedOS.com is down for some days (due to a technical issue), that the BlueEyedOS is dead.
It is not.

He also mentions that Zeta has been a high priority for him lately, explaining his recent lack of activity.

What I do hope now that this non-death has gone public via the Haiku mailing list, is that communications between team members does increase, and we still see some of those developers helping out more in Haiku (and possibly vice versa) in the form of code/knowledge sharing and the like.

4 Responses to “Good Bye … Blue Eyes”

  1. shaka Says:

    what is need FIRST is an open source code base for BeOS- as in Haiku. Then we can spawn off as many children as we like. Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, Solaris, BlablablaOS all owe their existance to one set of open sourced code called Unix- Even if they don’t have any of that code in their systems!
    Too busy for BlueEyedOS because of ZETA??? this stuff is all wasting time and resources- the Zeta team doesn’t have the code to their own kernel. Let’s get a common code base and then we can persue the other projects. Haiku+BlueEyedOS+Zeta+BeFree+Cosmoe+PhOS= One awesome Haiku team!! let us Be United first. -peace

  2. anve Says:

    To whatever idiot spammed this site - WE ARE RUNNING ON BEOS. BEOS HAS NO SPYWARE. I kow it’s futile, but these kinds of things just piss me off. Anyway, good news about BlueEyedOS still being developed.

  3. Not a spammer Says:

    BeGroovy should add “none” to the list of relationships in anonymous comments. e.g.

    [a href=”http://spam.spam.spam/Spam/” rel=”external, none”]

    This helps search engines to know that BeGroovy doesn’t endorse the link in anyway, it’s just something some random person (who could be a spammer) thought was relevant. So they can choose not to index it, or treat it as less “authoritative” than BeGroovy’s news links.

    Of course the site admins still need to go through once in a while and clean out the spam.

  4. CougarGT Says:

    Yeah, spam is a pain in the neck. I removed the two spam comments from above. I’ll be paying more attention to this to see if anymore gets through.

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