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Multi Channel I/O Sound card Driver Fund.

by @ 2:47 pm on 1/13/2005. Filed under Hardware

A poll was started over at the forums to start raising money to support the development of a complete driver for a multi i/o high quality soundcard for the BeOS.

The poll was made to start a discussion about the fund to see who would be interested, how much to raise and to decide which soundcard to support development for.

Some progress has been made on drivers for the M-Audio and Echogals and Echo24 audio cards, but I’m not sure how complete those drivers are. So, maybe this fund could help get those drivers completed or maybe start support for another model.

If you’re interested, head on over to the topic at the forums and let Paul know. His e-mail address is available there if you wish to contact him.

One Response to “Multi Channel I/O Sound card Driver Fund.”

  1. kwangpyo says:

    i need the driver for Realtek AC97 ALC203 …
    i was tryed that another version’s AC97 codec (ICH-AC97) but
    it doesn;t work…so plz help me.

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