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Haiku-OS / beunited Websites Update

by @ 5:40 am on 1/5/2005. Filed under BeUnited, Haiku

Just wanted to drop a note about the extended outages of both the Haiku-OS and beunited websites…

The dedicated server has suffered a file system mounting problem, one that will require a system rebuild. Since the server was hosted at a remote location, it is being shipped back to beunited for a rebuild. However, due to these and past issues, both Haiku-OS and beunited have both decided to move to virtual hosting solutions. The domains are in transfer to their new respective hosts, and backups of the sites’ data are being recovered from the old dedicated server. Stay tuned, both sites should return very shortly.

3 Responses to “Haiku-OS / beunited Websites Update”

  1. Francis says:

    Thanks for the update – I’m surprised this wasn’t mentioned on every BeOS site! ‘Ya think everyone would be interested.

  2. Euan says:

    they could have at least used the sourceforge for the frequent news updates and montly newsletters. Oh wait….


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