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Gobe Software is Hiring!

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Posted by:Ryan on Thursday, 11 Jan, 2001 @ 11:52 PM
Gobe Software

Apparently Gobe is now hiring. They want people experienced in cross-platform development, which gives weight to the cross-platform rumors surrounding them. That said, the first platform they list is BeOS, so that is helpful. Anyway, it’s a good sign for Gobe that they are in a situation suitable to hire more engineers. Way to go guys!

23 Responses to “Gobe Software is Hiring!”

  1. SD Says:

    Office suite?

    It is doubtful to achieve any success even with “best-integrated office suite” on other platforms.

    If don’t mention this bloatware (MS Office - commercial, StarOffice free), but there are other suites - in Windows Abisuite (not crappy AbiWord, but whole commercial suite), and also nice FREE suite 602 and don’t forget MS Works. There were others, including Corel. Same in Linux world today.

    So which cross-platform niche they targeted?

  2. mlk Says:

    As long as they dont do a Moho.

    Before you ask, whats soo bad about Moho going xp, I’ll answer :)
    Going xp for Moho & possible Gobe will get them more cash, to improve there software, hence is a good thing, but Moho went from ‘Nice BeOS program’ to ‘Ugly rubbish, nastie own l&f xp program’.


    or use your own on Windows, but keep BeOS l&f on Be.

    I’d hate to loss a good office program.


  3. yahoo Says:

    way not to go

    Correct me, if I am wrong:
    Couldn’t that also mean that they are trying not to loose their effort by makeing the apps able to being ported _from_ BeOS to another os?

  4. Skiver Says:

    In Response To yahoo @ 01/12/2001 04:00:00 AM

    Re: way not to go

    Sounds like they’re doing an Adamation.


  5. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To yahoo @ 01/12/2001 04:00:00 AM

    Re: way not to go

    Isn’t that what I said? I said it gives weight to the rumors that they are going cross-platform. But it also shows that they can afford to hire more people. And BeOS is listed first as far as what experience is needed, so thats a good sign.

    They may be doing an adamation, but if so, it wont bother me if it keeps them in enough money to continue working for the beos community.

  6. Big Al Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 01/12/2001 11:04:38 AM

    Re: way not to go

    I just don’t understand what people mean by “doing an Adamation”…? I hope they don’t mean it in a perjorative manner.

    We complain if proggies aren’t ported to BeOS, so why do people complain when BeOS programs are ported to other platforms? A company has to stay alive if you expect them to continue. The balance of users are in Windows, Mac and Linux. Gotta go where the money is.

    Up ’til now we’ve seen Beatware use a cross platform strategy and eventually exit the BeOS community. It looks like Lost Marble is doing the same thing. But you know what? Eventually it will be worth it for companies to continue to produce for BeOS (and some to come back). And eventually people will be asking, “When can I get a Windows port of this?” It just takes time and money, which Adamation and Gobe will get with cross-platform strategies.

    But that’s just my two cents! :)

  7. Big Al Says:

    In Response To mlk @ 01/12/2001 12:43:10 AM

    Re: As long as they dont do a Moho.

    Between loosing BeOS L&F and losing the program itself, I’d say goodbye to BeOS look and feel. They can always return to that later, IMO.

  8. mlk Says:

    In Response To Big Al @ 01/12/2001 2:51:23 PM

    Re: As long as they dont do a Moho.

    Once its done, I dought they will every go back to using plateform persific l&f’s.

    Personally, if they use there own l&f, i’ll stick with Gobe 2 (or highest BeOS l&f version).

    I’ve stoped using Moho, I will not use Pixel32, etc I don’t want to stop using Gobe.

    One of the reasons I use BeOS is its clean, nice & fun l&f.


  9. Big Al Says:

    In Response To mlk @ 01/12/2001 3:24:37 PM

    Re: As long as they dont do a Moho.

    Yeah, but one of the reasons I will be able to continue to use BeOS (and use it for more things) is because companies like Pixel32 do whatever they can to get initial ports onto BeOS. Same with Mozilla. If I turned my back on those pieces of software I’d seriously see no future in using BeOS (for what I use it for).

  10. Nimdok Says:


    I think it’s good that GoBe is hiring.

    What makes me uneasy is that they are looking for people with cross platform experience for the next version of Productive.

    I’m not saying that going cross-platform is wrong, but when GoBe does it sure gives me the shivers.

    If GoBe is cross platform, then what is the point of getting BeOS? Why not just stay in windows/max/linux? Why even bother making a BeOS version? It won’t sell nearly as much as the others.

    GoBe is very close to Be. Hell, they are the ones currently selling BeOS! If they are moving away from BeOS, then that tells me they are not very confident in its future on the desktop.

  11. Nutcase Says:

    In Response To Nimdok @ 01/12/2001 5:47:08 PM

    Re: thoughts

    It doesnt mean that they are moving away though… it means either a) they are looking to expand to other platforms along with the beos version, or b) they just need to make money.

    It doesnt reflect on the OS as much as the community.

  12. Nimdok Says:

    In Response To Nutcase @ 01/12/2001 6:13:17 PM

    Re: thoughts

    I respectfully disagree.

    Why do they need to expand to other platforms? All it does is make the BeOS version of Productive irrelevant.

    If they really need the money immediately, I would say the best thing in all honesty would be to leave BeOS. We don’t know when Be will be able to put money into fully supporting it again.

    “It doesnt reflect on the OS as much as the community.”

    I’m not sure exactly what that means. I certainly hope you’re not saying that it’s the BeOS communities fault for not buying enough copies of Productive. A lot of people like to blame BeOS users, but I suspect that aside from a few Mac zealots, you’re not going to find a more loyal or supportive community (especially in terms of purchasing software).

  13. Tom Hoke Says:

    In Response To Nimdok @ 01/12/2001 6:29:07 PM

    Re: thoughts

    We certainly don’t question the loyalty of our users… They’re great and have been very supportive….
    We just want more of them!!!

    As for L&F (look and feel) issues. Most everything that drives the Productive look and feel is NOT OS specific. I would expect Productive for any platform to more or less look the same.


  14. Tom Hoke Says:

    In Response To Nimdok @ 01/12/2001 5:47:08 PM

    Re: thoughts

    > If GoBe is cross platform, then what is the point of
    > getting BeOS? Why not just stay in windows/max/linux?

    I’m flattered that you think we’re the only reason anyone would want to use BeOS! But personally I think BeOS kicks butt even when I’m not using Gobe Productive!!


  15. chuck Says:

    In Response To Nimdok @ 01/12/2001 6:29:07 PM

    Re: thoughts

    Gobe’s diversification into new markets is a good thing. I don’t think they’ll abandon us.

    1. Users of other platforms will get to see what they missed out on!

    2. Competitive pressures from other office software on other platforms will encourage Gobe to introduce upgrades and new features more often (better for us!)

    3. Increased revenues should help Gobe grow.

    4. Opens the likelihood of business sales. BeOS has not been accepted as a business platform, unfortunately.

    I wish Gobe success with their new endeavors. It will be a challenge for them but with their product and a bit of luck I think they’ll do well.

  16. kurros Says:

    In Response To Nimdok @ 01/12/2001 5:47:08 PM

    Re: thoughts

    Making Productive more cross-platform also means much cleaner and more stable code (even more so than it may be now).

  17. alencious Says:

    In Response To Nimdok @ 01/12/2001 6:29:07 PM

    Re: thoughts

    People have to realise that most of the current Be developers are developing their software because they love the platform too. However, it is also important for them to feed their chird and pay their rent too. I am sure that they are not thinking about making big money, but then they have to survive too. Just think about this, how can a <100 people company like GoBe, Be, lost marble etc to fight agains big company like microsoft, adobe, corel etc. Sometimes it doesnt depends on whether they have the smartest people and the most hardworking people in the company to fight agains the big company. Most of the time it is how much people in the company. Just take a look on Gobe productive for example, I am sure that those Gobe engineer are working very hard to develop Gobe productive, but due to limitted time and resource they can only focus on the most important things first. That is why Gobe Productive is still inferior to bloat software like Ms office, that is why I still have to use Ms office for my documents.
    Ofcourse there is alway a change that they want to focus on windows then and forget about Be like Beatware did, but compare to having all inferior software on BeOs, and then people start to go back to windows because they did find the software that they need, I would rather they also develop a windows version.

  18. LeftTurn Says:

    Good for Gobe as a company…

    This is good for Gobe as a company. I wish them well. I don’t think that they will foget or drop Beos (at least I hope not). I’m going to think positive about the whole deal and remain optimistic that productive will become a better product than it already is.

    P.S. Tom Hoke and Gobe - how about creating a conduit to allow the Palm OS to sync with the Gobe spreasheet? Please? Please? Please? :)

  19. sadistic_mystic Says:

    Don’t do this.

    Making Gobe for Windows? Who would buy it anyway? Word has got the market cornered on word processors for windows. Word, and wordperfect (we all know it’s mainly word though)

    Some of us strange people like to use other far out programs. But, Gobe isn’t gonna make a red penny on development for windows. There are too many other programs that do the SAME thing.

  20. mlk Says:

    In Response To Tom Hoke @ 01/12/2001 7:00:08 PM

    Re: thoughts

    I’m pritty sure you use BeOS native buttons (esp the tool bars, but then as there is no tool bar, I’ll live with it, maybe you could realise a etra lib with your tool bars, and pull of menus?), sliders, windows, and pop-ups menu (even thou they are wrapped to make them pull-off-a-ble). Now I could be wrong.

    Most (I hope not you) xp software ignore the native stuff, and make there own (e.g. Moho, Pixel32) and while I’m sure they are great software, One of the reasons I use the OS coz I like the l&f. If I wanted a multi-L&F system I’ve use either windows(1) or *n?x.


    (1) It is getting there fast, more and more apps are coming out with there own l&f.

  21. Big Al Says:

    In Response To sadistic_mystic @ 01/13/2001 12:21:23 AM

    Re: Don’t do this.

    Have you seen or heard anything about the next version of Office? Aside from the HUGE price ($800 for professional) they’re adding more stuff to it that you don’t need, making you go through hoops to install it (supposedly to prevent piracy) and forcing you to entrench further into their .NET strategy. I’m tired of it.

    We stopped upgrading PC’s at work with Office 97. If/when the time comes to reevaluate our software, as the IS manager I’m going to lean towards Microsoft alternatives because they’re forcing hardware upgrades, software upgrades, and ton’s of bloat where it’s just not needed. Heck, I might even put BeOS on a few PC’s that don’t need much (provided BONE’s available at the time).

    Oh, and has anyone heard about the rumors that Microsoft might start charging for Internet Explorer? Gates is just plain nuts, and I know there’s going to be a growing movement away from Microsoft at some point in the future. Gobe will be in a good position at that time if they’re already in the market.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To sadistic_mystic @ 01/13/2001 12:21:23 AM

    Re: Don’t do this.

    Who said Windows is their only point. I believe their page says this:

    BeOS, Windows, LINUX, Macintosh

    Linux and Mac on there also. They have a good chance on Mac, especially if they can provide the Word compatibility. Linux just wants everything Open Source & free, so less chances there I think.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    In Response To Anonymous @ 01/14/2001 09:10:01 AM

    Re: Don’t do this.

    A port to MacOS 8.x-9.x will appease all the OS X holdouts.

    A port to Linux will go nowhere . . . at first. Once the slow-to-reality “community” realizes how fast (and easy) the “evil” (commercial) GP is, it’ll fly.

    Though, no weenix unies would admit it, the current office offerings in peguinville suck.

    But Windows?!? Sorry Gobe, but unless you guys have wads of cash shoved up your asses for some SERIOUS advertising, the MS userbase won’t know GP exists.

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