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Forums Back and Better

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Posted by:Deej on Monday, 27 Dec, 2004 @ 8:23 PM

The Forums are back online, slicker and faster than ever. No data was lost in the migration. We might modify the look a slight bit, but otherwise we are operational. In the process, I cleaned out the user database, removing well over 2000 inactive user accounts. Basically, if you haven’t logged in for over a year, or you have posted less than 2 times in the past year, you were removed. If I have inadvertantly removed someone that shouldn’t have been, sorry. I have also given moderation privileges to some of the long time users, so that we can control spam threads and the like better. Enjoy! :)

10 Responses to “Forums Back and Better”

  1. Meanwhile Says:

    Very good color-scheme and overall appeal; the only thing -IMHO- that needs improvement is the BeGroovy logo. The forums look good too….and feel quite smooth.

  2. Francis Says:

    Agreed - the “Be” in “Be Groovy” is barely readable. The font, the shadows, the metallic effects are all cool, but the “E” especially is certainly not as readable as the other letters…and the metallic effect doesn’t work as well with the bluishness of the “Be” - it’s too close to the gray of the background.

  3. Deej Says:

    The color scheme is sorta an older color scheme of BeGroovy. The logo was not meant to be permanent (yes, it looks odd - looked great against a white background :P ). We did know this wasn’t going to stay, but our hand was forced to finish up and go live before we had another logo lined up. With another logo, we might need to re-arrange colors a bit to match it as well. Cougar is working hard on new logos and some new category icons for the site. Hopefully we’ll see those in a few days.


  4. Chinasaur Says:


    I’m on a Mac. The links on the right side - Other, Meta and Archive..are all black on a dark brown background…making it awfully hard on old eyes to make them out. Might they get turned Orange like the ones on the left side?

    I’ve run this through 6 mac browsers and all look the same.

    Thanks for considering it :)

  5. altp Says:

    Biggest problem i’ve seen on mac (and i’m using a gecko browser) is that some of the stuff isn’t spaced correctly. Looks okay in safari … which means is probably an incredably simple fix ;-)

  6. Euan Says:

    Grey Background? I’ve got black, with the inner section being white, and the right side frames are grey-brown. Firefox Win32 BTW…

  7. DaaT Says:

    Hey Deej,

    After reading the comments i payed a bit more attention :) to the color scheme and the right links are black on a _very_ dark brown (it seems to me) background, impossible to read.

    This happens using both Opera 7.54 and Firefox 1.0 under Windows XP (i’m at work atm).

  8. H-kon Says:

    I made the logo :) Just a quick and dirty thing while i saw the previews based on the font and effects on my own logo at my own site.

    the color scheme is more isn’t too far off from the BeGroovy 1.0 colors now though so i guess someone is working in the background :)

    So if you are to shoot anyone for the logo, shoot me :)

  9. Chinasaur Says:

    Rockin! I can SEEEE now!!!!!!



  10. weber Says:

    hi. intresting post

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