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New Russian BeOS Wiki

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Posted by:Cougar on Thursday, 18 Nov, 2004 @ 1:37 PM
Bits N

Over at Qube.ru, a new Russian BeOS Wiki page is being made. There isn’t much info there yet since it just started, but there is some info regarding a BeOS distro called BeOS Russian Edition. You can find the download on the Wiki page. It will be a knowledge base available in Russian containing all sorts of questions and anwsers and documentation relating to BeOS. Like I mentioned in a previous post, it’s good to see more and more sites developing pages and making BeOS info and resources available in different languages. I hope this new BeOS WIki page works out well.

*Update*: Note that the “BeOS Russian Edition” is currently a test-only distro. (Thanks ivan for the tip)

4 Responses to “New Russian BeOS Wiki”

  1. MYOB Says:

    Err, the term Wikipedia is kinda owned by the MediaWiki foundation…. and the Qube Wiki isn’t even running on MediaWiki’s engine (which is free) so it certainly can’t use the term Wikipedia to advertise it…

  2. CougarGT Says:

    Woops! Oh Boy!
    Okay, that’s my fault, sorry about that.
    Thanks for the tip there MYOB, I guess I wasn’t paying attention to what I was writing. I’ll fix this right away.

  3. ivan Says:

    Thanks for news :)

    btw, dont forget - “beos russian edition” is test-only distro now.

  4. CougarGT Says:

    Thanks for the info ivan. I updated the news with your info.
    Also, I fixed the errors I made in the post. Initially, I wrote “Russian BeOS Wikipedia” but I meant to put “Russian BeOS Wiki” only. I edited the title and fixed a spelling mistake that I made in the text. Hopefully I won’t make too many more mistakes in the future.

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