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Firefox 1.0.0 - development 4

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Posted by:Cougar on Friday, 12 Nov, 2004 @ 12:35 PM

Over at the Bezilla blog, Niels Reedijk posted a new development version of FireFox 1.0 for people to download and test. There is a net_server version for BeOS R5 users and a BONE version for those who use BONE or Zeta.

The following are links to downloads and a list of patches mentioned in the blog:

In other news, Firefox 1.0.0-d4 is released which includes a new piece of candy.
Check out www.de-smederij.nl/firefox/MozillaFirefox-1.0.0-d4.zip for net_server, and http://beosland.free.fr/archives/mozilla/MozillaFirefox-10-d4-upd-bone.pkg for BONE. The latter one uses the SoftwareValet for installing. It’s nice. The latter one is done by jeannot31.

First of all, this release includes all the code that is present in the 1.0 release of Firefox. So it’s updated to the latest AVIARY-cvs. Additionally, from the previous release, the following patches are applied:
- 239813 - tangobravo’s transparancy patch
- 242315 - Japanese input (please test this in BONE, there was a regresstion there)
- The native app patch as distributed by tqh.

But the new and the updated are far more interesting.
- 267219 - the directorypicker code is updated and is now waiting for a review.
- 266327 - The add bookmarks window will now close, and the pref window won’t whine about failed saving of prefs either. This is all fixed by this patch. It is currently waiting a super review. This patch couldn’t be made without tangobravo’s help.
- The search bar is now fixed. (If it still doesn’t work, delete compreg.dat from your config/settings/Mozilla/Firefox/default.4a3/ dir)

If you’ve downloaded and tested one of these versions of FireFox, let the developers know of any problems and improvements that you notice when using the browser. Any feedback will help them make a better FireFox browser for the BeOS community.

3 Responses to “Firefox 1.0.0 - development 4”

  1. Konrad Says:

    Ive been having alot of trouble with latest builds for BONE, so much I even temmporary switched back to plain Mozilla. I got crashes, and alot of thread locks ( when I try to search on Bebits, for example, or on OSnews ). There are *alot* of “w” threads open when I use it. After some time of use it “stoppes”. And I have to kill all the threads manually ( last w and the BApp thread ). Is this a known problem?
    Show download folder still shows ~/home for me, even If I choose another folder.

    Overall great work guys and many thanks!

  2. Konrad Says:

    Hi Again!
    After some more investigation, it crashes because of the adblock extention, I removed it and downloaded a newer version and now it workes again.

    P.S There are still alot of w- threads ( is that window or filepanel? ) D.S

  3. Simon Says:

    -w threads are used all over the place - some for offscreen drawing, and then obviously one for each window. Unfortunately each drop down has it’s own window, and there’s some others too :s

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