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Pixel32 - New preview released.

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Posted by:Cougar on Tuesday, 09 Nov, 2004 @ 10:19 AM

Yesterday, Pavel released his newest build of Pixel32 (1.0 RC2 build 420) for BeOS/Zeta and Linux. You can read in detail the news from his site here:

Released Pixel32 v1.0 RC2 build 420 for BeOS/Zeta and Linux in members area. This is a preview of upcoming RC2 demo in few days. It will be released for following platforms: BeOS/Zeta, Linux, Windows, DOS and maybe also QNX version if I will be able to download latest version of this OS (after permanent disconnections when downloading). Recently I also played with DOS compilation and everything seems to be OK to release new more stable and faster version for DOS as you can see on following screenshots.

As Pavel mentioned, he also managed to make an updated DOS version of Pixel32. You can see screenshots of the new version for DOS running in Linux with the DOSbox emulator over at his site.

4 Responses to “Pixel32 - New preview released.”

  1. Kancept Says:

    Just as an FYI, I’ve been working with Pavel for a bit now keeping up on his progress and bugged him to get the DOS version going. Also, we will get a Software Valet (pkg) file built when the final is released, as we know the current installer, which is built using the same GUI framework as Pixel32, isn’t very BeOS-friendly. You’ll notice many spaces and paths are weird…

  2. CougarGT Says:

    Thanks for the info Kancept. I’ll mention this in another Pixel32 news update.

  3. Pavel Kanzelsberger Says:

    Well good point about weird paths. But is there any standard for BeOS? Can I read some information about that? And what do you mean with spaces?

    DOS is dead but I will release final v1.0 for DOS if it will be possible. This will be the really last DOS release, this OS is not suitable for image editing and for such complex piece of software as Pixel32 is. And not rentable for me if there are 2 users of 1000 out there interested in this. Linux can be run on same hardware as DOS for example.

  4. MYOB Says:

    BeOS has got standardised paths for virtually everything - apps go in /boot/apps/APPNAMEFOLDER, although a very very few people from the old days use /boot/home for that stuff (Kancept….)

    3rd Party binaries go in /boot/home/config/bin, libraries in /boot/home/config/lib, and so on. Pretty simple, really.

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