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Pixel32-New release coming soon.

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Posted by:Cougar on Sunday, 07 Nov, 2004 @ 11:52 AM

A lot of new porgress is being made on the Pixel32 image editing software by Pavel Kanzelsberger. Just recently, he announced that Pixel32 1.0 RC2 will be released very soon. The new release will contain many bug fixes and speed optimizations.

He also announced that based on the results of his last poll (What platform do you use for serious work?), Pixel32 development will be mainly focused on the BeOS/Zeta, Windows and Linux platforms.

Also note, Pixel32 will no longer be published by Secundum Artem, it will be published by Pavel Kanzelsberger.

4 Responses to “Pixel32-New release coming soon.”

  1. MYOB Says:

    I thought Secundum Artem WAS Pavel Kanselberger…

    Also, he’s abandoning his principles - it was insisted that DOS would be supported forever by Pixel32…

  2. Pavel Kanzelsberger Says:

    No, I’m not abandoning my principles. I haven’t said that DOS version is stopped. Just BeOS/Zeta, Linux and Windows has the highest priority. Recently I played with DOS version and I was still able to compile it. Check new screenshots on my website in few minutes…

  3. Jonathan Thompson Says:

    While I realize some people are STILL using DOS, I find the insistence on still supporting it with new development to be a dubious use of resources for almost anything short of low-level rescue utilities that format and partition hard drives. If nothing else, even with compatibility libraries, supporting DOS still costs testing and compile time overhead, because compilers often have small differences, and the various operating systems have different small bugs.

    That said, my thoughts are that promising that support of any given operating system, even to the point to where it is ineffective to do so, seems like an unprofitable thing to do long-term.

    How many people do you know that are still using DOS for new software (noting that people are still using it for old applications that haven’t been replaced: my church was still using DOS-based software as of about 6 months ago, which was causing support problems)?

  4. Pavel Kanzelsberger Says:

    Well I share your opinion, for me DOS is dead and really few people are using it for serious work. But some users are still requesting also DOS version of Pixel32. I will release it in v1.0 final but this will be maybe last version and it won’t be supported at all. It’s just a proof-test :) For serious work I will support and recommend only Linux, Windows and BeOS/Zeta. Zeta is still a bit problematic due to it’s own bugs and lower quality of some libraries…

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