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Stargate SG1 for BeOS Update.

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Posted by:Cougar on Sunday, 07 Nov, 2004 @ 11:31 AM

A new compiled version of Vincent Cedric’s (CKJ) SG1 game for BeOS was released a few days ago over at his webpage. This build allows you to see the current progress made on the game so far. You can download the newest build from the Download section of the site. The game uses SDL, so make sure you have SDL installed in BeOS to be able to run it. You can get the latest build for BeOS from Bebits or install the lastest LibPak also found at Bebits.

The game is not complete, this is a build of what is currently done. The menu interface is functional and the map editor is half done. I played around with it a bit and the menus work very well. I can tell it will be an interesting game once complete. Sreenshots of the menu interface and map editor can be found here at his site.

I am sure Vincent would appreciate some help from anyone who is really willing to contribute to the development of this game. If you have the time and are very interested in offering help, then contact Vincent (CKJ) and let him know.

One Response to “Stargate SG1 for BeOS Update.”

  1. Eric Hettver Says:

    what if the anchents did not thik of the stargate what if the anchents resevd plans for the stargat from some unknown sors that not even the anchents know of

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